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A Day in the Life

March 30, 2006

Thanks to everyone that has read the journal and posted comments. We are glad you like the updates, and we love to hear how cute Ben is. 🙂

Ben is doing so well we are amazed each day at his progress. He has been looking really good this week, his color has been great, he is having no problems breathing (other than his usual issues, but no new stuff) and he is actuallly gaining weight. When we weighed him today he was a whopping eight pounds and three ounces. The nurse said that it is amazing that he is even gaining weight, and that we should be proud of that…and we are! Scott and I are thinking that if Ben stays sort of the same this week and continues to do well that we will call the cardiologist next week and see if we can schedule an appointment to see how he is really doing. One day at a time.

When Kim (the nurse) visited today, she had a great idea about Ben’s troubles with his carseat. When Ben rides in the carseat, his chin gets buried in his chest and he can’t breathe very well, and this puts him in a lot of distress. Someone on the hospice team suggested to her that we try rolling a receiving blanket or burp cloth up and putting it behind his neck (like you would do for a sore neck). This would tilt his head back just enough that he could breathe comfortably. We tried this while she was here, and Ben didn’t seem to mind it, so we may take him for a walk in the carseat attached to the stroller later this weekend and try it out. If he does well, that may mean that we are mobile again! Scott and I have been able to get out a little, Grandma Jane stayed with Ben on monday while we got our taxes done, and I went to the gym on tuesday of this week. Leaving Ben is really hard. I know that all new mommys have problems leaving for the first time, but with Ben it is really really hard because he is really special.

Today and yesterday were so beautiful that we were able to get outside and work in the yard. Ben got all bundled, and we laid him in the stroller (which reclines almost all the way) so he could go outside too. The fresh air and sunshine were good for all of us! Ben had lots of awake time studying the sunbeams (and his hand…but what can you do…he’s a month old). We will be getting out more often. We also tried out his baby carrier (the Bjorn) which Scott or I can wear on our fronts and he sits in…he didn’t mind it too much. We’ll see how that goes.

Till next time…

we’ll leave you with more pictures


My lovely baby what?

March 25, 2006

Well, there have been lots of little things that have happened over the past week in Ben’s life. We have been lucky enough that hospice only comes in every other day now, so the nurse (Kim) comes to visit Ben every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We like our nurse a lot, but it is still nice that Ben only needs her three days a week. He, of course, may not be as enthusiastic about Kim….let’s just say that she has poked and prodded him in a few more places than he would like. I’ll let you figure out what that can mean, and give you a hint: the medication he is on tends to slow the digestive tract A LOT. Poor little guy.
On wednesdays, Kim brings a scale and we weigh Ben. He has gained exactly two pounds since he was born, this week he was seven pounds eleven ounces. He has also gained an inch in length. The upshot of this is that he has actually outgrown his first two sleepers!! We graduated them to the hand-me-down tub this week, and were really excited about this. Ben was eating a little less last week, but as soon as we told nurse Kim this, he started taking about three ounces per feeding. Probably scared that we told on him to the nurse, haha.
More big news in Ben’s life, his belly button is all healed now, so he had his first real bath this week!!! He kept fussing, but as soon as we sloshed warm water over him he would stop, then remember he was supposed to not like this, and start fussing again. Nana Randall suggested that instead of putting Ben’s tub in the bathtub and leaning over it (which is really really uncomfortable), we put it on the counter. This is why we have grandparents…because Scott and I can’t figure these things out. We were bathing Ben in the kitchen sink when we brought him home, and he likes it when the sprayer is used to rinse his head, so this is a win win for everyone. We’ll give this a go later today. We meant to take pictures of his first real bath, but in all the confusion, we forgot…of course. We new parents are really out of our element here.
Someone asked me this week if Ben is starting to show a personality, and I think he his….he is finding his voice and making a lot more noises when he’s awake…usually he is most awake at three AM. He doesn’t cry, he just talks…trying to get which ever parent just fed him to get out of bed and play. Ben really never cries unless we are directly trying to tick him off (usually this involves changing or dressing activities…dressing a baby is like herding cats). He is so laid back and tolerant of his bumbling mom and dad. We are very lucky in that respect. 🙂 Ben is starting to lift his head now, which is really really neat. It is so amazing to look at pictures from the hospital and see him change.
Each and every day I go to bed thinking “if today is the last day I get, I had a good one” and I wake up every morning I wake up thinking “If today is the last day, what do I want to remember?”. I haven’t been dissapointed yet. What an amazing child Ben is.

Of course there are new pictures

March 23, 2006

some pictures of Ben

March 23, 2006

Welcome to baby Ben’s live journal!!! We created this so that instead of emailing updates to everyone each week, we can just post updates here. I know that there have been lots of people who cannot get the pictures, or have trouble getting them to load because the pictures are so large. Also, it seems like every day we get a new Email from someone who hears about Ben through the grapevine and wants to send their support to us…this seems like an easy way to pass along information. It probably won’t be updated each day, but once or twice a week. In the meantime, we will try and post new pictures often, and welcome everyone’s comments. Thanks for thinking of us!

Testing, Testing…, two….three?

March 23, 2006

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Just trying out this whole Livejournal thing, and learning how to use photobucket so that you can all see Ben at his finest. 🙂