My lovely baby what?

Well, there have been lots of little things that have happened over the past week in Ben’s life. We have been lucky enough that hospice only comes in every other day now, so the nurse (Kim) comes to visit Ben every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We like our nurse a lot, but it is still nice that Ben only needs her three days a week. He, of course, may not be as enthusiastic about Kim….let’s just say that she has poked and prodded him in a few more places than he would like. I’ll let you figure out what that can mean, and give you a hint: the medication he is on tends to slow the digestive tract A LOT. Poor little guy.
On wednesdays, Kim brings a scale and we weigh Ben. He has gained exactly two pounds since he was born, this week he was seven pounds eleven ounces. He has also gained an inch in length. The upshot of this is that he has actually outgrown his first two sleepers!! We graduated them to the hand-me-down tub this week, and were really excited about this. Ben was eating a little less last week, but as soon as we told nurse Kim this, he started taking about three ounces per feeding. Probably scared that we told on him to the nurse, haha.
More big news in Ben’s life, his belly button is all healed now, so he had his first real bath this week!!! He kept fussing, but as soon as we sloshed warm water over him he would stop, then remember he was supposed to not like this, and start fussing again. Nana Randall suggested that instead of putting Ben’s tub in the bathtub and leaning over it (which is really really uncomfortable), we put it on the counter. This is why we have grandparents…because Scott and I can’t figure these things out. We were bathing Ben in the kitchen sink when we brought him home, and he likes it when the sprayer is used to rinse his head, so this is a win win for everyone. We’ll give this a go later today. We meant to take pictures of his first real bath, but in all the confusion, we forgot…of course. We new parents are really out of our element here.
Someone asked me this week if Ben is starting to show a personality, and I think he his….he is finding his voice and making a lot more noises when he’s awake…usually he is most awake at three AM. He doesn’t cry, he just talks…trying to get which ever parent just fed him to get out of bed and play. Ben really never cries unless we are directly trying to tick him off (usually this involves changing or dressing activities…dressing a baby is like herding cats). He is so laid back and tolerant of his bumbling mom and dad. We are very lucky in that respect. šŸ™‚ Ben is starting to lift his head now, which is really really neat. It is so amazing to look at pictures from the hospital and see him change.
Each and every day I go to bed thinking “if today is the last day I get, I had a good one” and I wake up every morning I wake up thinking “If today is the last day, what do I want to remember?”. I haven’t been dissapointed yet. What an amazing child Ben is.

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I never knew how to burp a newborn, the nurses had to show us. Ben makes the most undignified face (shown here) when we do this. We call it “sad pumpkin” and try to finish this as soon as possible. This face is priceless.

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Ben’s cousin Paige bought him this Lion’s onesie…so he can be a fan just like his Grandpa Corliss…of course, he has to grow into the thing first…

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Scott’s sister Jill took this great picture of our hands. We spent an afternoon trying to get pictures of mom and baby bracelets given to us by Aunt Therese (great aunt? you’re kidding, right?). This is just a great picture.

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Thanks again to Jill…..
Who doesn’t like baby feet.


13 Responses to “My lovely baby what?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I love baby feet!

    nice herding cats comment šŸ˜‰

  2. Anonymous Says:

    What a beautiful baby!

    What a beautiful baby! My thoughts and prayers are with you every day.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for all the updates. Just remember there are a ton of people thinking about and praying for all three of you.

    J.J. Burchman

  4. ethansma Says:

    He’s gorgeous!

    Baby Ben is so beautiful and full of personality. You’re making some wonderful memories with him. Our thoughts and prayers are ALWAYS with you!

  5. ann_kate Says:


    Baby Ben is just adorable … even during “sad pumpkin”. Of course, with two such good-looking parents, he was bound to be a cutey šŸ˜‰

    I also heard about Ben through the grapevine. My thoughts are with you constantly.

    Sending BIG hugs,

  6. Anonymous Says:

    We love getting the updates, and pictures of Ben…you two are such natural parents!!!! Thanks for the picture of “Uncle” Jay and Ben-its priceless. You can see Ben’s personality in his pictures, and he’s quite a guy-thanks so much for sharing. Our Best to all three of you. Love, John and Marsha

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Love your journal!

    What a beautiful boy! And how fortunate Ben is to be born to such loving and terrific parents. Thanks for sharing your family’s journey with those of us on the sidelines. I’m sending warm thoughts, prayers, and many blessings your way.

    Nancy Quay

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Sweet Baby Ben

    Thank you so much for sharing Baby Ben’s website with me. What a sweet little baby. He is in my prayers and we know the Lord is watching over him. You are so blessed to have such a adorable little boy. God Bless You Always
    Kathy (Grandma to little Jacob)

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Test Response

    Scott and Kim,

    Grandpa Jim gave me this link and asked that I test it out. What a lovely website and what a beautiful baby!! Thanks for sharing Ben with all of us.

    Bill Barley
    Family Friend

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Beautiful Ben

    We are always happy to hear how Ben is doing..The pics are too cute. ( the hands one especially).He is a precious little soul in our world.Keep up the good work Mom and Dad, Love you , Trish and Kev xxxooo

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Baby Ben

    I am so pleased to hear regular updates from Grandpa Jim at work. Ben and all of his family are in my daily prayers.
    Johanna Bauer

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