You Look Lovely in your Bonnet….

What a whirlwind weekend for Ben! Tell his parents that they can take him out and look at what happens, we really hit the town.
Ben had a wonderful weekend….saturday was so nice that we all spent some time outside playing, walking, gardening and generally soaking up the sunshine. It’s probably good for Ben that Scott and I like to go outside so much, I’m sure the fresh air is good for him.

Sunday was the much awaited brunch at the Dearborn Inn with Nana (Scott’s Grandmother). We go every year, and always look forward to it. Ben was positively resplendant in his adorable outfit (see pictures, end of entry)…I know you have all been waiting to find out what the outfit was. And for those of you wondering…I may be a typical mother (dressing my son in a sailor suit, even though I know if he had a say he would HATE IT)…but I’m not a crazy one (no pirate suits for him). Pirate outfits on Easter. Honestly, people, pirates are clearly only suited for christmas morning. šŸ™‚

But I digress. Everywhere we went, Ben got attention. I know, all babies are cute…I DO understand this. But allow me to think, as all mothers do, that my baby is the cutest. Just for a little while longer. Women everywhere swoon over him, it’s really quite a sight.

After Brunch, we went home just for a few hours, to rest and give Ben a little nap. Easter evening found us traveling to Rick and Karens to visit them and to see Rick’s mum, it was her birthday and Ben was the suprise. šŸ™‚ She didnt’ know we were coming. Ben was quite the party stopper, and Scott and I were informed that as long as Ben was there, our presence was no longer required. šŸ™‚ I’m telling you…swooning…lots of swooning.

So after a big day Sunday, we went out again tonight for Dinner for Grandpa Corliss’ birthday. Ben really is traveling much better now, and it’s nice to be able to take him out. Call me overprotective, but we are still pretty wary about who holds him when we are out. I don’t want to appear totally germ phobic, but I don’t want to be foolish either. All heart problems aside, Ben still is only two months old, and we don’t want him to catch something. So, when we take Ben on adventures, we are careful about everything.

The nurse came today, also…Ben weighed nine pounds two ounces. Before long, he’ll be looking for a career as a pro wrestler. Maybe he should learn to roll over first.

title or description
Tell me this is not adorable. Go ahead, I dare you.

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Another shot, with the bib included. Yes, the bib says “my first easter”. I have a master’s degree and the sight of my son in a sailor suit reduced me to a blithering idiot, squealing in an anoying high pitched voice. Again, however, I ask you…is this NOT the cutest thing ever?

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This last picture is completley unecessary, except that it looks like Ben is dancing. Look at him, getting his mighty little groove on. Go, Ben…Go.


6 Responses to “You Look Lovely in your Bonnet….”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Nana & Papa

    He is the most beautiful baby in the whole world. We love the sailor suit! He should wear it every (other) day! Glad you had such a wonderful Easter. What would the little cowboy like from Texas? We must have career options going……….:)

  2. Anonymous Says:


    Cute! We loved the pictures! Wish we could have been at brunch with you all…I can only imagine the chocolate. Happy Two Months, Ben!!!! Avery says to tell you that she misses Baby Ben. We all do too. Love, Jody, Steve, Avery

  3. Anonymous Says:

    So handsome

    He is truely beautiful!!!

    Rebecca Hanlon

  4. purpletoweluser Says:

    Aww, the sailor suit is so cute! Pirate suits would work well for Christmas morning so he could go sailing on the carpet and look for buried treasure hidden within all the wrapping paper. šŸ˜€
    He’s getting so big! nine pounds and two ounces is incredible!
    The last pic is so cute; he’s just a little dancing machine!
    Glad y’all had a great Easter.

    Ashley Builta

    • coffeemomma Says:

      Hee hee. Believe me, Ben has buried treasure. Only (A) it isn’t in the carpet or wrapping paper and (B) Mr. Randall and I are the ones who usually find it. You do the math. šŸ™‚ haha

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