wooooo hoooooooo

Well, gentle readers, Scott went back to work this week. That means for the first (extended) period of time ever, it was just me and the Ben-ster hanging out at home. In some kind of grand Karmic retribution for something I did (maybe I was mean to moms at some point? Scoffed at the idea of childbirth and family life?) Ben picked wednesday and yesterday to be fussy. What is he fussy about? WHO KNOWS….He is the most mild-mannered child on the planet. All day yesterday I could not set him down. If we played on the floor, he fussed, tried to sleep, fussed some more. If he fell asleep in my arms and I put him in the playpen to TRY for a nap, he cried. All moms know this drill: he was dry, he was fed, he was warm. His left eye has been very red on the lid, and watering like crazy. I can’t see anything in it, and the last time he had a blocked tear duct he didn’t cry. It’s just the mystery that is Ben.

So yesterday morning, I woke up at ten to six to feed him, intending to get my last hour of sleep after he ate and fell back to sleep. Nope. So I figured, well, that’s fine, it’s no earlier than I get up for school most days anyway….. Then we had the velcro baby all day…each and every time I sat down to feed him Tas would start yowling or doing something he wasn’t supposed to. I did take Ben for a a walk, knowing the stroller would put him out, so he slept a half an hour all day. He was, of course, cranky, overly tired (didn’t help the fussy any…) and generally disagreeable by the time the day was over. By the time Scott got home, we were all a little nuts. Bless his heart, he stayed up to feed Ben the late feeding while I went to an early bed. See, if he was a “normal” baby, I would just think he’s fussy. But I worry that there is something going on that I can’t tell, and I can’t fix it. Maybe he is just being fussy. *sigh* If he were just awake all day, that would be okay…but I can tell that he needs to sleep and can’t. If he falls asleep and I put him down, he wakes up and cries. This is a totally new thing that I expected with a baby, but didn’t expect from Ben. Honestly, he’s so laid back! That’s what makes me wonder if something is wrong.

Have I mentioned that the cat (that would be Tas of the yowling and getting into trouble) has started acting out because he’s not getting as much attention? That’s what we all need. 🙂

I got out of the house for some fun this week; I went to lansing to see Sue and Meli…that was a ball. I think tonight I”m going to meet some people from school to celebrate the beginning of my “no paycheck” leave from work. No payday for me today!

Gotta go, uncle fuster is awake. 🙂 Nurse Kim is coming today, we’ll see what she has to say about this.


5 Responses to “wooooo hoooooooo”

  1. purlewe Says:

    hugs to you and uncle fuster.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Thinking of you

    Hey, Kymba! Glad you could get away for a while this week. Melissa told me you sent me a picture. Thanks so much! I hope you learned more about what might be bothering Ben this week. That must be so disconcerting. As you say, it is for all moms, but you have some “added concerns”, to say the least.

    Prayers for Ben continue from many, many sources. I am so proud of you. You and Scott, in the midst of everything else, are teaching the rest of us–about coping with life honestly, openly, and with courage and good humor. God must be smiling!


  3. zoobily_zoo Says:

    I have a similar problem with Tristan at least once a month. Tristan is also a very happy, laid-back baby. For him it means that he’s having a growth spurt. When he has one, he does everything that you’ve listed. As long as he isn’t spitting up I feed him until he’s satisfied. Which is a lot, quite often. But he still probably won’t sleep well, especially if he isn’t being held.

    I don’t know if Ben has any restrictions as far as how much he can eat at one time, but if not it’s worth a try.

    The good news is that if it is a growing spurt it’s not something serious & that he’s growing like crazy! AND…the super good news is that it only seems to last 24-48 hours each time it happens. Last but not least, he will probably make up for lost time as far as sleep goes for a day or two after the growth spurt is over, so you can refuel on sleep, too.

    • coffeemomma Says:

      You know, I had thought about this when it was happening. I was trying to offer him more food. All your suggestions are good ones. I LOVE that Ben is growing! It is just worrisome to see him get so darn tired, and wonder if that stresses out his heart. 🙂 It is helpful to figure these things out together. 🙂

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Fussy Ben

    Hi my name is Sarah and I have been trying to keep up with Ben’s progess since Mary gave me the link. You guys are doing such a wonderful job staying upbeat. I really feel blessed that you would share you experiances with us. Ben is such a beautiful little trooper.

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