A quiet weekend

Ben has, indeed, recovered from his “Uncle Fuster” stage, which makes me happy. And him too. πŸ™‚ After being at home with him on thursday and friday, I got out on friday night with friends from work. I also went out yesterday (grocery shopping) and went scrapbooking last night. The two days alone represent the largest chunk of time I have been away from Ben, and it was kind of weird. I know that Scott takes great care of him, that is not the concern…it’s just so strange to not be with him all the time.

I think that part of the fussiness stemmed from the fact that for the past two months, we let him sleep when he wants, and when he is awake we always pick him up and talk to him. I think that this is only good for him, but it also means that he is used to sleeping whenever he wants…as he grows, he has no set time for resting every day. Friday I put him for a nap in his crib (spoiled boy usually sleeps in the living room in his pack and play or on a lap). The crib and a day that has slightly more structure to it may help him establish a nap time or at least some quiet time. Ben is starting to sleep “though” the night…he’ll usually fall asleep at about seven, then we feed him one last time at eleven thirty and he is able to make it to about five or five thirty before he needs to eat again. Scott and I are also working on feeding schedules since he has gone back to work…who feeds at what time. I used to be a night owl, that was before I had a job that required me to get up at five thirty or six….neither Scott nor I are used to staying up late, so the eleven thirty feeding is tiring. Especially since it means we won’t get to sleep until twelve thirty, because Ben takes an hour to eat. This too will work itself out.

It is getting harder and harder to remember that Ben’s time here is limited. When we brought him home, we had decided that we wouldn’t use the video camera to record any movies…and I thought that I wouldn’t make any scrapbooks for him because it would be too hard. Now I am scrapbooking like crazy, thinking of buying him some summer outfits, and we are making plans for summer vacations already. All of this is mostly good, because it means that we really are LIVING with Ben, which was the original plan anyway…but there is a small part of me realizing how incredibly painful the outcome will be, and how that looms larger each and every week that passes. What else can we do but just be blinded from that by Ben and his incredible-ness?

I took some pictures of Ben playing this morning…he is starting to reach for things and grab on to them. Also, once he has something in his hand, he is able to bring it to his mouth for a little gum-action. It is the COOLEST thing to see him change each day and watch what comes next. This morning, as he is sitting on Scott’s knees, he is able to bring his head back to center when it falls to the side, or tilt it back slightly when it falls forward. He is getting so much stronger every day. Sometimes when he is laying on my chest he will pick his head up at a 45 degree angle and look around. We are seeing a few more grins and smiles….and he is A LOT more vocal. He’s going to be just like his Mom and his Aunt Karen….really talkative. We are getting more than just cries and grunts now: there are some coos and gurgles in there. πŸ™‚

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We roll Ben on his side like this to encourage him to bring his hands together over his chest, and also to encourage him to keep his head centered. Eventually we will use this position to work on moving his head to look down. We have found that using these small rings or a rattle makes him want to reach and grab, so they are great toys for this position.

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A ring in each hand…Ben will now proceed to bring them to his mouth and eat them. πŸ™‚ He is getting better at grabbing…it’s less of a reflex and more deliberate now.

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Hanging out with Dad on the couch.

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And a great big Grin, turning into a yawn. πŸ™‚


3 Responses to “A quiet weekend”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Changing faces

    Kym and Scott, Ben already looks different from when I saw him last week.. So glad he has settled down again..New babies are very hard work as you know.. I liked your friends advice about giving him a little more food..and getting him into a proper schedule will be wonderful for you both (Good Luck with that??? TEE! HEE!) Love Ya, Trish xxoo

  2. Anonymous Says:


    Greetings from Kathie Carroll — I love this Family Journal idea. Where did you ever find it? By reading your postings, I learn more and more about Ben and what you’re going through. I’m glad to see you’re “living with Ben.” What a wonderful statement! Ben couldn’t have picked better parents. Thanks so much for taking the time from your busy schedule to do all this and posting pictures. I truly enjoy seeing him grow. You can see how much he’s changed! Take care — you’re in my thoughts and prayers!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Big Ben!

    Such a sweetie! Happy two months, Ben! I can’t believe how big he has grown in the two weeks since we left! I am so glad you write everything down so I can catch up. We are thinking of you all. Give Ben a big kiss from us. Love, Jody, Steve and Avery

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