Scenes from a mom’s life…

One week left to go before I have to stop being a stay at home mommy and rejoin the working world. Of course, I only have two and a half weeks of school before I get to stay home all summer, so I shouldn’t complain. I will miss Ben and our little schedule during the day.

One thing I have really started to become more aware of when I go out and around with Ben is how BOLD people can be…I remember being pregnant and people telling me that women would try and rub my tummy when I went out in public…that never happened (thank goodness). But now people seem to think they can say anything they want to me, and it will be okay. Case in point:
woman in Costco: “Your baby is so cute, how old is he?”
me: three months
woman: he’s so small! How much does he weigh?
me: yes he is, he’s ten pounds
woman: my kids were both over eight pounds when they were born!
me: yes, he’s small
woman: what’s wrong with him?
me: nothing, what’s wrong with you?

I mean, honestly….this woman really had a lot of nerve. As if I would go into what was wrong with him with a complete stranger, and also as if every baby who is small automatically has something wrong with them. I know I shouldn’t let things like this get to me, but it’s really hard not to when people are so incredibly rude. grrrrrrr.

Scott and I take Ben for his evaluation through the Walled Lake School district tomorrow. The early intervention team will evaluate Ben and how his skills are progressing so that we can start getting him some developmental assistance, if he needs it. Of course, they get out of school in a few weeks too, so they will give us some help for the summer, and we will set up more appointments in september. One thing I have appreciated so much is how much support Scott and I have gotten in our decision to carry out buisiness as usual with Ben…start his education, start looking for child care for the fall…no one has ever asked us “Why are you doing this? He won’t be here in the fall”. I never expected people to say that, but I know there are people out there who would.

So now the question is, how to I make this week last a lifetime…or at least last enough to get me through two and a half weeks of work. šŸ™‚


6 Responses to “Scenes from a mom’s life…”

  1. purlewe Says:

    welcome to the land of stupid people.

    o wait. I forgot.. you already know them.. they voted bush in office.

    (sorry.. you don’t have to unscreen this.. plus I guess that is presumptive that you didn’t vote for bush.. but considering no child left behind (my ass), I doubt you did.)

    I’m sorry people are unsensitive louts.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    That lady was taseless, it is a shame people are like that. I have had perfect strangers comment on my parenting decisions (like having my daughters ears pierced), and it always upset me. I have laerned though to smile and stand by my decisions. A couple of weeks ago I had two older ladies comment and try to interfear with me removing my oldest who was throwing a tantrum from the mall. I just politly told them that she does not get rewarded for that kind of behavior and their assistance wasn’t needed. You are always going to have people that will look at Ben and judge, the important thing is that he is perfect to you. Don’t feel bad about telling them that.


  3. purpletoweluser Says:

    Ms. Randall,

    I know it will be very hard to return to work, but look on the bright side. Ben will have new experiences each day that he will be able to share with you.

    I know that when I returned to work, I thought Ashley and Scotty would forget who I was. How wrong I was. I looked forward to each new day with my students and then look more forward to going home in the evening. I don’t think I gave many assignments that I would have to grade.

    Enjoy the time with your students but even more so with your son.

    Since Ashley will turn 17 this month, it is truly amazing how time flies by. Enjoy each and every minute of it.

    Barbara Builta
    (Ashley’s Mom)

  4. hunterholstein Says:

    Southern Dictionary

    Southern-ism of the day: “Bless (your/his/her) heart.” Meanings: 1. What a shame, I truly feel for you/him/her, as in “Kym has to go back to work next week and leave Ben at home. Bless her heart. You’d think they would let her have the two weeks off.” “Steve’s car was stolen and his house burned down in the same week. Bless his heart.” 2. Idiot, as in, “That woman doesn’t know any better than to do what she just did. Bless her heart.”

    A Dear Abby many moons ago gave this answer to stupid questions: “If you’ll forgive me for not answering, I’ll forgive you for asking.”

    I can’t stand nosy. Blech. If people paid attention to their lives and their kids’ lives, we wouldn’t have some of the problems we have today.

    Turtle suggests the cold shoulder, but what does she know?

    • coffeemomma Says:

      Re: Southern Dictionary

      Turtle knows a heck of a lot, as her userpic shows. šŸ™‚ Tasselhoff suggested the cold shoulder too, but we tend not to listen to him as he licks himself in unmentionable places in the presence of complete strangers and honored guests. That demotes him on the social structure of our house.

      At any rate, I hear that synonyms for “Bless (your/his/her) heart” are “God love (him/her/you)” as in “God love you, your momma didn’t teach you ANY manners, did she?” and “God bless (him/her/you)”; usually used in the same context. “That woman just asked the RUDEST question, god bless ‘er”

      Ahh well. What can you do but not make the same mistake and learn from others?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    As DR. Phill has said many times ” you can’t fix stupid ” It says it all, Love Ya Trish xxxooo

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