Picture this…

Not too much to report this week…it is crazy being back at work and only having a couple hours with Ben at night. I miss him terribly during the day. This weekend we had brunch at Rick and Karens…Ben took a small nap. He really is his mommy’s boy…we were listening to music REALLY loud while he was sleeping, and he wasn’t phased at all…just slept right through that. Came from being in Mom’s tummy and zooming around in the Civic with the radio full blast. 🙂

Due to Ben’s recent growth sput, he is now solidly into three month old clothes….very exciting, since he was a little guy at birth..only five pounds eleven ounces. He is such a stylish guy!

Not much more going on…but there are new pictures…

title or description

Ben’s latest talent is holding his head up…of course, here it looks like he is HOLDING his head up…or deciding what to have for dinner…..

title or description

Ben on Nurse Kim’s scale…that number is Kilograms, by the way. (okay chem kids…ready, set, convert!)

title or description

Ben’s punk rock hair. The duckey sleeper really accents it well. Makes him look tuff.

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In this picture, it looks like Ben is smiling right at me. You are so easily fooled…

title or description

He’s really smiling at the fish above his crib, which he recently discovered. (Thanks Aunt Sue and Uncle Jay!)


6 Responses to “Picture this…”

  1. twoscoopsmsu Says:

    I think he’s deciding that he wants some Similac…or secretly plotting some thunder down under and giving you that ‘Who me?!?!’ look.


    ~Aunt Karen

  2. dc_chick06 Says:

    He’s SO cute, and getting BIG!! I’m definatly glad to see him growing! Hopefully I’ll see you around Mott on friday! I get to paint the band room lockers :-/. TaTa for now!

    -Brandy Van Camp

  3. nivahunter Says:

    Little Ben is, as always, adorable. He looks so cute in the picture with the fish, I can see why he is fascinated by them. I hope you and your family are well, and count on me dropping by time to time in the future.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Yea i have no life his weight was 10.18lb. lol. Unless the scale read 462kg which is what i thought it said he weighs 1018.47lbs. lol
    -Anjelica Jones

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