it’s all about the hair…

Ben is still not over his cold. Poor little dude. His little voice is all raspy and he’s just not himself. We’re taking it easy in hopes that he can kick this thing.


We (and my mom) have heard a couple times something that we think is a laugh…it’s kind of a high pitched thing, interrupted…we call it a laugh. OH NO….this week I got a full fledged squeal of joy followed by a definite giggle….maybe I already mentioned this? Anyway…I, of course, have been unable to repeat this performance for anyone. It will happen….

In the real reason for this update:

title or description

I’m sooooo cute, but this hair is often tickling my earlobes and in my eyes….it just looks like it stands up straight…

title or description

I had to get a shampoo first, I coo and smile when mom washes my hair…I love that scalp massage! Of course, when dad takes a picture, I’m all serious….

title or description

Clearly it was time for (duh duh DUH!) A HAIRCUT!!!!!

title or description

Hey, what are those things for?

title or description

Mom only thinks she’s cutting straight…..

title or description

This is not the way all the cool kids wear their hair these days…..

That’s right, folks…Ben’s first real haircut! It really was time. Of course, once it dried I noticed that because of cowlicks and the like, it is all crooked…but haven’t we all had at least one haircut like that!?!? I mean, with my hair, I’ve had like, ten or so….


8 Responses to “it’s all about the hair…”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    So cute!!!

    He looks like a little man with his new big boy haircut. Could you send a little hair this way Cabrey could use some as she is soooooo BALD.
    take care guys!! love the O’Gormans

  2. dc_chick06 Says:

    He’s SO darn cute!!


  3. purlewe Says:

    I love the b52s rock lobster look.

  4. twoscoopsmsu Says:

    Ahh the crab outfit is great!!!

    And don’t worry…I’m sure Ben’s hair will be long again in no time!

  5. hunterholstein Says:

    Hey Ben, check with the child welfare people. I think it’s illegal for your parents to cut your hair themselves and reveal the results online. πŸ™‚ But I love the crab overalls myself. It makes me want to go into a Hyacinth Bucket-esque medley of sea tunes.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Good job on the haircut mom! He is a little doll (with or without the haircut)

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