Happiness Runs in a circular motion…

Hi all.
In the good news, we had a fabulous weekend at Scott’s family reunion, I will be posting pictures later this week. Ben was passed around and fussed over, and that made him happy to no end. 🙂 He also met a lot of new cousins and relatives that he won’t remember….but not to worry, I tell him, everyone with big familes has this problem. haha. He is having a good week, although his breathing has been heavy and he’s sweating a ton more than he normally does (which is more than a normal baby anyway). I”m a bit worried about the heat and humidity this weekend….that always tends to be hard on him. We’ll just keep an eye on him and see what happens. We are going to the park today and walking at the mall, so it’s a big day!

Last night Scott and I had a date night! Nana (Scotts’ mom) and Aunt Beth came over to stay with Ben and Scott and I got out on our own. Amazing. 🙂 We saw Pirates of the Caribbean part two (thoroughly entertaining!). It was fun….our anniversary was last week and we went out to dinner…with Ben…he was a great baby throughout dinner, but it wasn’t very romantic. 🙂 Last night, then, was a fun adult night out. 🙂

In the bad news, our camera broke!!!! I do have pictures of the reunion, I’m just too lazy to photobucket them right now…but we are looking for another camera because we can’t possibly be without a camera for long with Ben. 🙂

Ben is starting to laugh more often now…it’s always random, we can’t make him laugh very often, though we can make him grin. The other day I was driving and heard him laugh in the back seat for no apparent reason. It cracks me up. It’s this little chuckle that comes out of nowhere. He is a totally strange little man. 🙂


2 Responses to “Happiness Runs in a circular motion…”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Ben’s laugh

    Don’t you know…..Ben is laughing at the angels that surround him.
    Mary Ann

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Laughing boy!!!

    I’ll bet that’s a sight to behold. A sign someone is enjoying life, being adored everywhere he goes.. Lovely to hear all the news, Love to all ,Trish xxoo

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