Hi everyone.

What a week. We’ve been spending a lot of time indoors because the heat and humidity are sooo hard on little Ben. Thankfully, it’s starting to cool down now, so maybe we’ll venture out for a walk tonight.

We’re gearing up for our trip to the UP next week. I am amazed how much STUFF it takes to travel with a baby. I’m not really a LIGHT packer, but I’m a lot better than many people I know….but Ben, Ben is high maintanence. 🙂 So we’ll start packing now and hope I finish by next wednesday. Scott and I have set up ground rules, whereby I pack and he is not allowed to ask any questions until I tell him I’m done. Then he can ask anything I want and make sure I haven’t forgotten anything. If he asks too soon, I lose all track of what I’m doing and my mojo is totally thrown off. And it’s so much easier if only one of us packs Ben’s stuff. Any other road leads to madness, people, MADNESS.

If you get Time magazine, there is a sweet article this week about a couple with Down Syndrome who got married. It talks about many of their hurdles pre and post matrimony, as well as how public attitudes are starting to change about Downs. It’s a great article. You can find a photo essay here: http://www.time.com/time/photoessays/2006/special_wedding/ and the article here:

I finally loaded up some pictures of the family reunion and Ben, so those are posted below. I’m working my way through a roll of film which I’ll have dumped onto a CD so I can put it into the computer, so you’ll all just have to be patient. Until then, however…

title or description

We enjoyed the swimming a bit more this time. But Scott and I were finding sand in Ben’s butt for like, a week. I know, too much info.
Sorry, People, the hat stays. I think it’s adorable, and it really is the best sunshade we have right now. You can’t tell me this isn’t cute. And at this age, it’a all about the cute.

Have I told you about “the monster game”? Ben has learned to anticipate. First it starts with “I’m gonna get you!”

title or description

This continues for awhile, untill Ben is grinning and cooing, sometimes he shreiks and scrunches his hands up:

title or description

And it ends with us munching, raspberry-ing, or in some other way tickling Ben on his neck or tummy, which makes him coo and smile. Sometimes we get a laugh.

title or description

The best part is that he recognizes from the tone of voice that something fun is going to happen and gets this huge grin on his face. It’s hilarious. Then he’ll shout when you’re done….. sooo funny. I know, I’m a cheesy mom. It’s all about the cheese for me. 🙂

And yes, for the family reunion, Ben has a T-shirt that says “are you sure these are MY relatives?” The best part is that my mom bought it for Scott’s family reunion. 🙂 hahahaha.


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  1. purpletoweluser Says:

    My grandmother packed the same way

    When we were cleaning out a bunch off stuff my grandparents didn’t need, we came across 2 huge duffel army bags (you could fit me in each of them!) She explained to me that when my grandfather was re-stationed to Iwo Jima during WWII she could only take what she could fit in those 2 bags. The only problem was that my Aunt was a couple months old and her baby stuff took up 1 and 1/2 of the bags! So my grandmother learned how to pack her belongings light with all baby stuff in tow. 😀
    What a lovely article! I didn’t know that the life expectancy doubled. It’s absolutely amazing what can be done today.
    And the pictures are absolutely adorable. His skin looks like mine; when I get cold and I press on my skin, I can see where I touched! He’s so cute.
    -Ashley Builta

    • coffeemomma Says:

      Re: My grandmother packed the same way

      What a great story!!!!
      In one of the pictures, the swimming one, you can see my fingerprints on Ben’s chest. The official word for this is “profusion” (look at me use the fancy terminology), and Ben’s generally goes from bad to worse, mostly on his feet.
      Working hard on that summer assignment?

      • purpletoweluser Says:

        Re: My grandmother packed the same way

        I didn’t know what it was called. Very interesting.
        As for the summer assignment… you said you designed it for the procrastinator and I will be taking full advantage of it. I haven’t even started memorizing the marching music yet and I’ll be low brass section leader. 😀 I’ll probably start the assignment after Band Camp. That will give me about 2 weeks. Do you think that would be enough time? because I’ll start earlier if I need to. Now I’m getting worried. 😀

      • coffeemomma Says:

        Re: My grandmother packed the same way

        No, you’re probably fine. 🙂

      • purpletoweluser Says:

        Re: My grandmother packed the same way

        that’s a good thing to know. I haven’t even started my AP Lit assignment (please don’t tell Mr. Brake!) that reading assignment will probably take me a while.
        BTW, I was looking through all the college stuff I’ve received, including some applications, and as my science teacher I’ll probably need you to fill out a quick evaluation on me as a student. Of course this won’t be until later but I thought I would give you a heads-up. 🙂 Is that okay?

      • coffeemomma Says:

        Re: My grandmother packed the same way

        yup. 🙂 email me (randallkc@gmail.com) and I”ll be happy to.

  2. zoobily_zoo Says:

    I still love the rooster hair. It was between two shirts at Mackinac Island, the one Ben has on, and the one I choose. Isn’t it so cool when they start communicating verbally?…well verbally in baby ways.

    • coffeemomma Says:

      Verbally in baby ways is right. Lots of shouting because they love their little baby voices. 🙂 Usually Ben’s is accompanied with hands waving madly in the air.

  3. twoscoopsmsu Says:

    Awww that story was so cute. I’m at work and all ferclempted (sp?).

    See you and Ben tomorrow!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Happy Happy Happy

    What a wonderful set of pictures! Ben is so lucky to have such awesome and highly entertaining parents!


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