Bonus Pictures, and a weekly update

When, oh when will it rain? πŸ™‚

Just a few words before Scott, Ben and I are off to Escanaba (which I affectionately call Escabanana) for Sue’s wedding. We leave wednesday night and not a thing is you know what Ben and I are doing today. πŸ™‚

Mr. Ben is growing like a weed, something I haven’t reported lately. His weight gain has slowed slightly, but he is looooooong! As of yesterday Ben weighs twelve pounds, six ounces. As of last week he is twenty six and a half inches long! He’s going to be tall and skinny like his daddy. As a consequence, there are several three month outfits that no longer fit his body, but are still to wide around the middle. It’s really quite funny. I think when we return from vacation we will start him on cereal, as a prelude to solid foods. It’s been a little funny around here lately, trying to adjust his feeding schedule so he eats when he’s hungry. I know that sounds crazy, but in the hospital the nurses fed him every three hours, no matter what. Then we sort of settled into an every four hour schedule the past few months. We’re working on stretching that out into every five hours or so, because he is not eating as much at his feedings…and I think he’s not hungry. Well, that and he is “busy and nosey” (the nurse’s very accurate description)…he wants to look around at everything, mostly his hands and feet, and play with his bib instead of eating. I have started offering him water from my cup at dinner, which is a funny experience. He loves it, but he’s trying to figure out how to keep it in his mouth. Thank goodness it’s only water, because it usually winds up all over his front. I know, this is just the beginning of the mess. πŸ™‚

I got some more pictures from the fourth of July from our friends, and some are just too funny not to share:

title or description

“So, you been boating long?”

title or description

“Um, can someone help me out here? Anyone? Mom? Dad? Anyone?”

title or description

That Ben, just like all the crazy kids, posting pictures of his wild and crazy drinking escapades on the internet. *sigh*….what is a mother to do?


8 Responses to “Bonus Pictures, and a weekly update”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    How are you?

    Hi Little Family, Wanted to tell you all Hello and have a nice trip to Escabanana. Beautiful time of year to go. I love your pictures Kim. Think of your little family often. You are in my prayers. Benjamin is growing into quite a little man. Love, Cousin Marie

  2. Anonymous Says:

    LOVE the family pic

    You three are ADORABLE!

    Enjoy your trip to the great “Up North” and PLEASE let’s get together soon after you come back!

    Lots of Hugs for all,


  3. Anonymous Says:

    kim, Ben is getting so big!!!! looks like the boat was a lot of fun. it great to see Ben out and about and partying. way to live it up little man. take care love to see you guys again soon. mary cardillo

  4. Anonymous Says:

    What a boy!

    It was wonderful to be with you Saturday evening, Kym. Have a tremendous time in da U.P. I’m sure you and Melissa will make sure Sue’s wedding is PERFECT. I love the pictures. Tall and skinny, indeed!

    Love, Carol

  5. zoobily_zoo Says:

    Hahaha!!! That first picture made me laugh out load. It’s great! I hope you have a great time up north! This week has managed to get crazy already. So get with me, if you like, when things calm down after you get back. πŸ™‚

  6. hunterholstein Says:

    Our first Randall family portrait! Thank you!

  7. Anonymous Says:


    Oh, my! When I saw that first picture I laughed so hard & so loud that my co-worker had to come over and see what had me in tears of laughter. Ben is getting big! I looked back at the early entries in your journal and he has changed so much! I’m glad to hear of his progress.
    Thank you so much for your journal. I check it several times a week and enjoy reading your postings & seeing the pictures. Have a great time as you get ready to split to Escabana (would that be an Escabana Split?)
    See you soon!
    Heather Wade

  8. Anonymous Says:


    That is a mighty PFD!
    Good luck with the drinking. Can a sippy-cup intervention be far off?

    Katie and Matt in Maryland

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