A request of our gentle readers

Hi Everyone,

The entry today will be slightly different. I’m writing to tell you about the Buddy Walk. On September 16, Scott, Ben and I, along with my sister Karen will be participating in the Buddy Walk here in Oakland County. The Buddy Walk is a national fundraising event for Down Syndrome awareness, with walks held all over the country each year. Families and friends of people with Down Syndrome raise money to support awareness and help families who have children with Down Syndrome. Our local Downs support group, Parents of Children with Down Syndrome (PCDS) will be hosting the area walk. Over the past year, this group has been amazingly helpful to us…they provided support and resources to Scott and I from the moment we contacted them, way back in October of last year. We met several families before Ben was even born, and they were warm and welcoming. They made Down Syndrome a lot less scary for us after Ben was diagnosed.

You may be thinking “why am I still reading this blatant funder pitch on this nice, warm, fuzzy website?” Let me tell you why. Everywhere we go, we run into people who know us through our website. We meet people who love Ben. I want you to know that Ben’s disabilities, though they are many, are such a small part of who he is. We are talking about a kid who decided that six days of life were not nearly enough to do what he wanted. In the past year, I’ve discovered that a lot of people with Down Syndrome are like this: they and their families are no longer content with accepting life as it once was for people with disabilities. They are determined to live life to it’s fullest potential, and challenge themselves every day. People with Down Syndrome were frequently institutionalized, seperated from their familes, or not allowed to realize thier full potential up until as recently as twenty or thirty years ago. Now that has all changed. People living with Down Syndrome live the lives we do. They go to school, they live longer, they get driver’s licenses, many live on their own and hold jobs, and they even get married. Parents like Scott and I need all the support we can get to face the challenges ahead. Groups like PCDS help us do that.

Our team has set a fundraising goal for the walk, and I am wondering if you would be interested in contributing to this goal. A secure site has been set up on the internet just for our team at http://www.firstgiving.com/benrandall. If you could just take a minute to look at the site, we would really appreciate it. You can give over the internet (as I said, the site is secure) or you can contribute money directly to our family, if you are more comfortable with that, by emailing myself or Scott. If you leave your email in the comments section, I will leave it screened (it won’t appear for everyone to see) and I will email you personally with more details. The money will go directly to support programs for families like ours, and kids like Ben.

If you would like to walk with us, you can also join our team! Go to http://www.firstgiving.com/pcds and click “get started”. You want to click on the link to join a team, and our team name is Ben’s Bunch. We would love to have a huge team of walkers for Mr. Ben. After the walk there is a picnic and games, and it should be a fun fun day.

Thank you for looking, thank you for donating, and we hope you decide to join us!


4 Responses to “A request of our gentle readers”

  1. knothie01 Says:

    What time does this event start? How long is the walk? I want to come, but I have a wedding to go to that day. I am thinking I can skip the wedding and go to the reception only. Let me know!

    • coffeemomma Says:

      Excellent Question!

      Registration is at eleven AM, or you can register online to walk with us. It’s only ten dollars to walk, basically that pays for a Tshirt. The walk begins at noon, and there is entertainment from one to four. If you can come, we would love to have sexy sawah on our team. 🙂

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Mrs. Randall,

    From Ashley’s Mom. I am sure that once Ashley reads this, she and I can plan on attending the walk and or donating. We have to look at the band calendar first and then see if we can walk. I will have her contact you once we know which one or both that we will be doing.

    I think Ben is an amazing guy and each and every day you have with him is great.

    Your are always in our thoughts.

    Barbara Builta

    • coffeemomma Says:

      We would love to have you walk with us! I am checking into whether you can register on site or not…it may be all pre registration. I’ll post when I know.

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