Solid food, ahoy!

Just playing around with the journal layout a little, folks. No need to panic. I figure since Ben is a bona fide little boy (well, pretty soon, anyway) I wanted something that is a more “fun little kid” and less “sweet baby”. Yes, yes…he is still a sweet baby…but you know….

A quick note before the news of Ben’s life….we are doing so well on our fundraising goal for the buddy walk!!! Thank you so much to everyone who has donated. You don’t have to donate a lot! Ten dollars? Five dollars? If you want to help raise awareness and support families who have children with Down Syndrome, go to to support us on September 16. We have a new goal! Originally we thought “wouldn’t it be great if we could raise five hundred dollars?” That was a week ago and we’re halfway there! August 16 is a week before the walk. We want to meet our goal by the sixteenth and EXCEED our goal by 100% by the time the buddy walk comes around. I think we can raise $1,000….do you? If you want to walk with us, go to and click “get started”. You want to join an existing team..Ben’s Bunch. This will put you on our team…registration is only $10.00, and that goes to the same worthy cause. Come join us, and help us help kids like Ben. 🙂

The heat last week was miserable, wasn’t it? We spent a lot of time indoors. I think that this summer has been the most indoor time I’ve ever had during a summer. We do get out, we go to the mall or to target if nothing else, just to get some walking in…but it is hard to take him out even to look at the garden when the heat and humidity are so high. Pretty soon this too shall pass.

Also last week, Mr. Ben started solid food! That’s right, we now eat a bowl of cereal every day for lunch (in addition to the formula, of course). I videotaped the first feeding, and took pictures at the second. I wondered if he would have issues learning to eat solids, I had heard that this can be a challenge for some kids with Downs, due to decreased muscle tone. Ben, however, had no problems at all. He is taking to this cereal thing like a duck to water. We’ll do another week of this before increasing the cereal feedings to twice a day, and maybe adding some veggies here and there. I have been excited about making Ben’s baby food. I figure, why shouldn’t he eat what we eat…within reason of course. So this weekend I made his first baby food, I bought some peaches and ran them through the cuisinart and froze the result. I’ll defrost them and see how they turn out before making more. Ben won’t be ready for fruit for a few weeks yet, but I”ll have some ready when he is! I plan on making as much of his food as I can, but not killing myself over it. Mostly it will be more economical.

title or description
Ben is becoming a challenge to feed because he wants to “help”. Helping, however, is hiding his face with his bib.

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He does come out for bites, and to wipe off his face; also to blow the occasional cereal raspberry. 🙂

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Got Toes?

title or description

For all of you who love the hair. Note, also how strong Ben is getting!!!!

title or description

Ben is also becoming quite the little drama King of late. He can pout with the best of them and knows exactly when to turn it on. He can drop the lip and crumple the face at the drop of a hat, usually when he wants to make us feel guilty or when he wants his grandparents to coddle him. He learned from the best, I say. 🙂


5 Responses to “Solid food, ahoy!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Like the bright and cheerful new web look! Ben will be able to donate his “hair” pictures to the ones that all parents have of their children. Blackmail pictures as my children tell me.

    Keep growing Ben. Wait till you taste green peas, carrots, and the good stuff, bananas!

    Barbara Builta

  2. zoobily_zoo Says:

    OH MY GOSH!! He’s getting sooo big!! Ode to the hair picture. But you know how I feel about the hair. You guys are doing such an awesome job and so is Ben! He knows that he has a lot of great family members and friends in his corner.

    I’ve been thinking about you guys all week. It’s been nuts around here with recent problems with Tristan. We have a doctors appointment tomorrow, but I’m going to call you before we leave for our family reunion this weekend to figure out a play date. I haven’t forgotten, I’m just a bit frazzled.

  3. Anonymous Says:


    I always fed Rick and Simon that way ( Still do some days after parties ) !!!!! Kids love real food and it’s cheaper Good for you .. Trish xxxooo

    • coffeemomma Says:

      Re: Cuisinart

      It’s the after parties line that made me giggle. 🙂 Hopefully Ben has at least a few years before he learns to tie one on and sing Les Mis all night long. 🙂

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