It’s all so real now

Well, today was the first day of school. The traditional “staff day” where everyone comes back, gets no work done, and talks about their summer vacay. Staying at home seems much more real now. I”m less terrified about money and more terrified about getting back into the workforce, which is ridiculus, because that’s at least a year away! I think after labor day this will all seem more real.
I look at the calendar and the weeks stretch out in front of me. I am going to try and pick up a few tutoring gigs, and I have at least one person who wants to pay me to scrapbook some stuff, which is cool. My life is already in a rhythm….but it’s a weird place to be in. So many things scare me, which is very unlike me…being fearful…I”m not a fearful person…but lots scares me lately. More babies, no job, one income, Ben, Ben, Ben. For some reason I was able to put all of this on hold all summer long.
Just trying to live without fear.


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