A mini update

Geeze…tell Ben good news and he has a leap forward developmentally. He’s started doing, like, five new tricks just this week. 🙂 We’re going to the homecoming parade at MSU tomorrow and it should be lots of fun. Kermit the Frog is the grand marshal parade, so of course my sister, my cousin and I can’t stay away. I got Ben a little MSU sweatsuit today so he will be properly outfitted.
On a non baby note, fall is in the air, and it’s been gorgeous outside. With the prediction of frost for tonight, I hustled outside and harvested all our basil, then made a load of pesto for the freezer…cursing myself all the time for not doing this earlier. It’s been a bad year for basil, and I think I put it off because our plants looked so bedraggled and sad. Ben will enjoy squash from grandma’s garden as soon as I can get that made. We’re also enjoying daily walks outside….the weather is fine and Ben likes to ride all snugged up in his stroller with a blanket.
Longer update this weekend, with pictures, I promise. 🙂


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