Go Right Through….

Seems Ben knows that he has received new medical news, it seems like just this week alone he’s made a few big changes developmentally. His newest thing is that he is grabbing things with two hands and either putting it directly into his mouth, or throwing and laughing as it hits the floor. As with most kids, this last one seems to be linked to high chair occupation. Go figure.

We went to Michigan State’s Homecoming parade on friday. It was an eventful time, and really a lot of fun. I have posted a few pictures below, but you can see the whole event at our flickr site: http://www.flickr.com/photos/randallfam/ We really went to see Kermit the Frog as Grand Marshal, and we weren’t dissapointed. I do wonder if Brian Henson came himself, or if he sent a creature shop minion. Probably a minion. Either way, it was neat to see Kermit in the felt, as it were.

Life has settled into a comforting rhythm around here. Ben and I enjoy our days, and actually keep pretty busy. We walk in the morning, play, nap, run errands. I don’t know where september went. I have started a number of crafty projects for Christmas, but I don’t have much time to work on them during the day. I spend a lot of time after Scott gets home knitting up a storm to finish the things I need to. I’m trying to tie up a bunch of older projects and get them done so I can start some new ones.
The biggest thing I do during the day is play with Ben and try to finish what the physical therapist starts on Monday. Since he isn’t rolling (but is close) isn’t sitting (but is close) and isn’t even near putting weight on his legs yet, we do lots of constructive play all day. With Ben everything needs to be broken up into small bits, because he gets bored (he’s seven months old, so of course he gets bored with mom rolling him around all the time!) and he gets tired. So we play all day long, it’s really quite the life for young master Ben.

We have started Ben’s new medicine, Lasix, and we are going to start weaning him off the morphine this week. All you science people out there will recognize the controlled experiment aspect of this: we wanted to make sure he didn’t react to the new medicine before we weaned him from the old medicine….so we did one thing at a time. He’s doing just fine on the new stuff, and I”m looking forward to getting him off the old stuff.

Go Green
Had to buy Ben some Spartan Gear first!

watching the parade
Ben Loves a parade!

mid parade nap
This kid can sleep anywhere…..

Typical after a night in a college town
You’ll notice that not only has Ben lost a sock, he is passed out and sleeping, and his hat is all discombobulated. Haven’t we all had nights on the town like this?


2 Responses to “Go Right Through….”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    he he he

    “You’ll notice that not only has Ben lost a sock, he is passed out and sleeping, and his hat is all discombobulated. Haven’t we all had nights on the town like this?”

    In East Lansing? Never! (snort)

    What a great picture!


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