Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Yes, it is snowing outside. I don’t mind a bit, it’s pretty. Remind me I said that a few months from now. 🙂

Ben and I have a busy day ahead of us. We’re making dinner for (Aunt) Karen tonight, since her birthday was yesterday. Happy birthday Karen! We made cake yesterday (pumpkin with cream cheese frosting) and we’re going to make pasta alfredo with mushrooms, chicken and sundried tomatoes tonight. Sounds yummy! Ben is a big help in these endeavors….mostly his job involves sitting in a chair with his toys and singing/babbling to me as I work. He is really starting to babble a lot, I think I have also heard a few mama and dadas in there…but he doesn’t understand yet what those mean, they are just sounds to him. We’re working on waving….he gets the idea that he has to open and close his hand, but usually that hand is in his lap and he just watches mine as I show him what to do. I can’t believe how fast he’s growing and changing.

For more on Ben, check out the

My cup!

Ben knows how to take a cup in both hands and put it in his mouth. We’re working on the tipping part. He loves to drink from a cup. It has taken him awhile to figure out that he has to swallow the water and not let it run down his chin, but he’s getting better. We offer him all kinds of cups, inluding this sippy cup with two handles. He loves this cup, but has not yet figured out that when he tips it, stuff comes out. Did I mention tipping again? Yeah, he tips it over his tray. 🙂

Here, let me help you

The other day while I fed him, Ben grabbed the spoon and wanted to help, so he did. We did this for the second half of his food….and he held on the whole time.

Look at this...

Yesterday was a rough day. Ben didn’t take a nap in the afternoon…I thought he was sleeping, but seeing as he cried and screamed about a half hour after I got him up, I think differently now. After spitting up on me twice yesterday, we finally got to a calm point in the evening at about seven PM. I tried to cut his fingernails, and wound up instead giving him his first mom-induced war wound. I cut one of his fingernails too close and it bled all over. We tried to put pressure on it, but he was having none of that. A band-aid seemed to be the clear solution. He learns so fast how to play these things. Every time I looked at it and said “poor little guy” he would stick his lip out and pout. Way to play on that mom-guilt, little man…way to go.

War Wound

A close up of the war wound.


5 Responses to “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    finger nails

    I know people have probably told you this before-try to cut their finger and toe nails while they sleep. It works MOST of the time. Jocelyn Sr.

    • coffeemomma Says:

      Re: finger nails

      Hmmmm. When Ben is asleep and we touch him, he rubs his face with his hands, makes a squinty face, then gives us a big gummy grin. He likes being awake too much to bother him while he’s sleeping. 🙂

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Mom-induced Wounds

    Don’t feel too bad about Ben’s finger, but prepare yourself. I accidentally clipped my son’s ear giving him a haircut when he was 6, and he still ducks every time I walk by him with scissors–he’s 18 now. Sigh. Nancy Quay

  3. Anonymous Says:

    cut finger

    I did the same to Rick on my first attempt… made Kev do it from then on !!!!

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