Will they, or won’t they?

Like many babies, Ben has had the signs of teething for a couple of months…the drooling, the chewing, the wide bumpy gums….and every time he is cranky and I think he’s teething, we see no teeth. Perhaps this week will be different, as he has now added waking up in the middle of the night and crying when we feed him to his repertoire. (I think I spelled that wrong…I’ll chalk it up to sleep deprivation and move on). Ben has been a pretty unhappy little boy this week, so maybe this is the final prelude to a few pearly whites. At any rate, maybe he’ll at least stop getting up two or three times a night. Yes, we’re trying orajel and tylenol…since he’s weaning from his morphine, maybe it is the weaning instead of the teething that is making him fussy. We are going to slow up on that just a tad, and hope that things get better or we see some teeth! It’s hard to tell what’s going on with a baby, as you all know, and since he can’t tell us, we just have to guess. Ben also went in today for some more immunizations….which went smoothly, amazingly enough. I mean, no one likes to be poked in the thigh by a stranger, but after just a few seconds of crying, he was fine. Thanks for small favors!!!

Last weekend we went on a nature walk in memory of my friend Melissa’s dad at Fenner Nature Center in Lansing. It was saturday morning, and even though it was cold cold cold, it was a beautiful sunny day. I”ll post some more pictures soon, but one was too cute not to put up right away. This week being as it is, wednesday is considered “right away” after saturday.



Ben got a gift of a gourd on the walk…and was obviously quite impressed! He spent the whole walk looking a little like a floating head amid a sea of blankets because it was so cold out!!!


7 Responses to “Will they, or won’t they?”

  1. twoscoopsmsu Says:

    Ben and the gourd have the same expression. hehehe!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    what a great picture!

    He was such a little trooper out there in the cold!

    So glad you guys came by!


  3. Anonymous Says:


    Sounds tiring! Avery liked it when we froze a washcloth or put frozen chunks of fruit into one of those tiny mesh bags with handles (baby stuff at Target)and let her chew on it. Maybe that will help. Good luck! J

  4. gardenlady250 Says:

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  5. Anonymous Says:

    Ghost goes boo

    That is the cutest picture!! Who’s scared? The ghost or Ben?

    Perhaps a sailor for the holiday? Nothing says smart like using an outfit twice!!!!


    • coffeemomma Says:

      Re: Ghost goes boo

      Too bad mr. Ben is in NINE MONTH clothes. Geeze. This kid has more clothes in more sizes in his closet than I do. haha. 🙂 The sailor outfit is, sadly, way to small. But he did wear it twice, so it’s okay.
      I love how we’re all about the smart fashion. 🙂

  6. Anonymous Says:


    Kim, if you are weaning Ben off the Morphine it could be that he is having pain someplace other than his mouth. We all have pain all of the time and learn to ignore it, but Morphine has removed that sensation in Ben. Now that he is experiencing pain, he might be reacting to it. If Ben is growing as fast as you say he is, please keep in mind that he might be experiencing bone pain – a common problem in growing kids. Anyhow, lots of luck. My mother always suggested putting a little whiskey on the baby’s gums – but if Ben is still on Morphine that might not be a good idea. Actually, I always speculated that the kids got a little tipsey and forgot all about the pain when I applied mom’s ‘medicine.’ 🙂

    Ben is certainly a cutie. We are all so happy that he is doing well.
    Mary Ann

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