obviously not….

Nope, no teeth yet. But Ben is feeling better after last week. Poor guy had four shots on thursday and was feeling none too good for a couple of days. I think he is still teething, but you know, that can take months, obviously. I hear a lot of parents say that their kid worked on teeth for months before seeing anything, maybe Ben will be the same way.

So at the beginning of the fall…september-ish…I bought Ben these cute little play suits from Costco…they are carters playsuits…sleepers with no feet. I figured, since they were six months, that he would be in them until about december or January. Riiiiight. He has already grown out of them because he is so tall. And all the nine months sleepers I bought him, thinking “well, they are big, but it’s okay….he’ll grow into them all winter”…he has almost grown into! Now, you must realize that this is HEIGHT not weight…Ben has been holding steady at about thirteen and a half pounds for about a month or two now. There was talk abotu putting him on Hi-cal formula for awhile, but I”m trying everything to make him eat. We have, most recently, eliminated rice cereal at breakfast and lunch so that he’ll eat more formula (since that’s where most of his nutrition comes from now). He still gets fruit and veggies then…and gets veggies and rice cereal at dinner. His eating has picked up this week, so we’ll see what happens from here. Since he is now eight months, we are blending foods together now, and we can try some more adventurous things (if you think cauliflower is adventurous, that is). We’ll see how that goes. Carrots this week were a big NO…so we are starting to see some things he won’t eat.

I have a band concert this sunday, and I think that Scott is going to bring Ben up to see. I don’t know if he will like it or not…he had no problem at homecoming when we went up to MSU, but he really doesn’t like loud noises. When Ben’s little friend Naeem screaches, Ben cries. It’s a closely managed playdate when they get together, let me tell you. He may not take to the concert band thing, we’ll see. If any of you are interested, and don’t have an aversion to loud noises, you can come see the Waterford New Horizons Concert Band on Sunday at 2:00 at the CAI building in Waterford. Fun times for all, let me tell you.

In other news, I will be going on a bender on saturday…a scrapbooking bender. Fourteen hours of scrapbooking fun. I cannot wait. Hopefully I”ll have some good pages out of the whole thing. You would think that going to something like this (our local scrapbook store hosts crops a couple times a month) would suck the creative juice right out of me, but I tend to get a lot done. I got around a hundred pictures developed for the occasion. Wheeee! I’m still knitting like a mad woman..I have three projects started right now, and tend to spend Ben’s naptime knitting. My house is good evidence of that. Scott and Ben will be going to a birthday party on saturday…Ben got invited to his first party! The little girl next door is turning one. How exciting. πŸ™‚


2 Responses to “obviously not….”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Ben and carrots

    I am so down with the cooked carrot vendetta! You go, Ben–leave those carrots till you get the teeth to eat them RAW, as they were intended to be consumed!

    You are my brother!



  2. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for updates

    Kym & Scott,
    Thanks for posting your updates! One of the first things I do every day is go on your web journal to see how little Ben is doing and the recent events in your lives. I love to hear how he is progressing and know how cherished and remarkable his moments can be. I enjoy hearing your perspective and insight. You both have such a grounded & solid approach to life together. Thanks for taking the time to share your lives in such eloquent ways that makes me chuckle, cry, yearn, laugh out loud, and more.
    My best to you always.
    Heather Wade

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