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Just a sample entry

November 28, 2006

Caution…Decking in progress

November 28, 2006

We had a packed weekend….Scott had five days off, but the time flew by even still! On wednesday there was the delivering of the turkey. We always have a farm fresh turkey, literally…walking on Tuesday, cooking on Thursday. Sound Blunt? Remember that your bird was walking at some point too. 🙂 Anyway…we had a “small” bird this year, only 27 lbs….it sure looked a lot like the 34 lb bird we had last year, though. The entire clan headed to Scott’s parents for Thanksgiving day, and we had a great time. Lots of eating (great food….), of course everyone ate too much, because that is what one does on thanksgiving. After dinner, we relaxed with a nice calm game of cards….well, not really…we played Nernst, which is like spoons, only there are no spoons and it’s a bit more tense. Ben had a fabulous time, he was cooed over all day and got lots of grandparent time. We gave him a few things off the thanksgiving table….Jello was a hit, potatoes were not. Although, I have to say, he did try and “store” the Jello for later in his cheeks. He’s so funny that way.

Friday we went to Birch Run and Frankenmuth. We only went to two or three stores in Birch Run, because we had a specific point (returning some things and shopping for Ben), and it was crazy!!!! Frankenmuth was huge hit with Ben, we had a world famous chicken dinner, then proceeded to Bronners. Now, I know that Bronners is too much for most people, and I am one of those people. Ben, however, could not get enough. His eyes could not move fast enough to take in all of the lights and sounds. It was so fun to watch him. We took lots of pictures (see below for a sample).

The rest of the weekend was rounded out with baking of cookies on saturday, and a rousing round of the flu for me on Sunday. I”m really really hoping that Ben does not get this! I stayed far away from him all day, and I’ve bleached everything in sight… Here’s hoping.

The Christmas season is already booking up like crazy. We are double booked each and every sunday for the next three weeks. It’s crazy. We have just picked one event to go to, and that will have to be it. It’s not worth all the stress of trying to do everything, it’s not good for Ben or for us. Besides, who can have a good time if you’re always in the car!

There are some pictures

November 16, 2006

Hooray for having the computer back! I want to stroke the monitor tenderly, but I have too much to do.

At physical therapy this week, we redid all of Ben’s goals. For those of you who don’t know/have never been through this, all special ed students have an IEP (Individualized Education Plan). Last spring we had a meeting to develop Ben’s IEP, which included setting goals for him. Since he was so small, and things were still uncertain, we set very short term goals, which Ben blew through this summer….sooooo, he now has new goals. There are six, so I won’t list them all here, but they involve mastery of skills like rolling and sitting, which we have been working on for awhile. Go Ben Go!

I keep thinking that Ben is teething (as you readers well know) but I’m just not sure. Having never been through this before, and knowing next to nothing about babies, I am just guessing. It does seem as if some big changes are happening to him as of late….I wonder if his body is adjusting to all the changes lately (gaining weight…FINALLY…removal and addition of medication are just two) and if his little world is being rocked. I guess that everything happens all in good time. It’s hard to be patient. Ben is starting to get frustrated, it seems, by being stationary all the time….not being able to move himself around kind of seems to frustrate him. He wants to get things and do things. This too shall come to pass…unfortunately he seems to take after his mother in the patience department. That is, he has none.

As I stated before, Ben is finally gaining some weight. We discovered (don’t ask me why it took this long…) that he still likes a warm bottle. We have been giving him room temp formula for awhile now, and he would just not eat that much. We started warming his formula again, and Ben is eating like a MACHINE. And it’s showing…he is 14 lbs, 8 oz now. That’s a lot of change in weight for a small guy, see aforementioned working with changes.

We’re gearing up for the holidays…the weeks have been packed. I have three tutoring students now, and I”m doing some part time work on friday afternoons, which I mentioned in the last post. We keep pretty busy, Ben and I. I like it, but I try not to get too busy because he needs some down time too. We are headed for Mom and Dad Randalls (Nana and Papa to Ben) for Thanksgiving. This is the first time in three years that Scott and I have not made dinner. Even though I LOVE to be the hostess, I”m ready for the break. It will be nice to relax and watch parades. Scott and I are determined to set precident early and not go crazy for Christmas with Ben. I have always thought that I wanted my kids to not associate Christmas with a trunkload of presents. It will be hard, I know. We’re going to get him a few things. I”m sure the wrapping paper will be more interesting to him than the presents themselves, at least for awhile. 🙂 We are also starting to think about what kind of traditions we want to have for Christmas. Every family has them. We go to my mom and dad’s on christmas morning in our pajamas…so that’s one. We are thinking about Christmas eve. Anyone have anything special that they have always done on the holidays?

I love Christmas, and I”m very excited to start sharing traditions with Ben, even though he won’t catch on for a few years yet. I can’t wait to decorate the house. Every year I make myself wait until after Thanksgiving, so as not to burn out. This whole idea of putting up decorations the day after halloween makes me crazy. It will be fun to sit and look at the lights and shiny things with him.

So enough updating. I have some pictures of the much hearalded first barbershop haircut

November 10, 2006

Ben and I have been CRAZY busy this week. I have started tutoring a little (which is, in a very sick way, lots of fun for me), so that has taken up some evening time. (Need a tutor? Drop me a line! Know someone who needs a tutor? Let me know.) We also had assorted doctor’s visits, voting, errands, etc. This morning Ben went for his first barber shop haircut!!!

Because we are so far behind on updates, and because the computer is still a little muzzy, I”ll just post some halloween pictures today, and save the others for another day….soon, I promise.

happy late halloween!

Just a note

November 3, 2006

Our computer is on the fritz, and is currently vacationing with the apple geeks, so this is just a quick post. Ben is still working on those teeth. I know that it takes awhile, but geeze! I want to see!! I’m too impatient about these things.
We will have pictures from halloween as soon as the computer comes back, too. Ben and his buddy Naeem looked CUTE CUTE CUTE in their costumes, and even went trick or treating to visit the neighbors. 🙂 good times had by all.
Just letting all the readers know we haven’t forgotten about posting….just can’t post any pictures until our apple gets shined up. 🙂