Ben and I have been CRAZY busy this week. I have started tutoring a little (which is, in a very sick way, lots of fun for me), so that has taken up some evening time. (Need a tutor? Drop me a line! Know someone who needs a tutor? Let me know.) We also had assorted doctor’s visits, voting, errands, etc. This morning Ben went for his first barber shop haircut!!!

Because we are so far behind on updates, and because the computer is still a little muzzy, I”ll just post some halloween pictures today, and save the others for another day….soon, I promise.

getting ready for trick or treating

Ben is getting ready here. That’s right, he was a MAN BUG. Not a lady bug, because he’s a man, not a lady. He seems happy with this choice.

back o the bug

The story of the costume is really too long to post. But we had it around the house, and luckily it fit. the back view is really the best. 🙂

Ben and Naeem 2006

As you will see in this picture and the next, apparently it was the cool thing this year to be a shellfish of some sort. At least Ben had the exoskeleton idea going on. This is his buddy Naeem. Ben kept making funny faces and we couldn’t figure out why, until we realized he was rubbing Naeem’s costume because it was all satiny and felt nice.

Ben and Jack 2006
Ben’s other little friend, Jack. Jack is just a little guy, only two months, so he kind of laid around like a crawdad. 🙂 Cute Cute Cute.

Yes, Ben and Naeem went trick-or-treating and had a glorious time. 🙂

more pictures….haircuts and new Ben pictures….you won’t believe how big he is….this week!!!


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    How Cute!!

    Just checking to see if you’re going to post any pics from the Nature Walk!
    I’d love to see them. If you’d rather not post them, is there some other way I could view them?

    Love the Halloween costumes. Sounds like life is full and rich. How great is that?!!!


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