Hooray for having the computer back! I want to stroke the monitor tenderly, but I have too much to do.

At physical therapy this week, we redid all of Ben’s goals. For those of you who don’t know/have never been through this, all special ed students have an IEP (Individualized Education Plan). Last spring we had a meeting to develop Ben’s IEP, which included setting goals for him. Since he was so small, and things were still uncertain, we set very short term goals, which Ben blew through this summer….sooooo, he now has new goals. There are six, so I won’t list them all here, but they involve mastery of skills like rolling and sitting, which we have been working on for awhile. Go Ben Go!

I keep thinking that Ben is teething (as you readers well know) but I’m just not sure. Having never been through this before, and knowing next to nothing about babies, I am just guessing. It does seem as if some big changes are happening to him as of late….I wonder if his body is adjusting to all the changes lately (gaining weight…FINALLY…removal and addition of medication are just two) and if his little world is being rocked. I guess that everything happens all in good time. It’s hard to be patient. Ben is starting to get frustrated, it seems, by being stationary all the time….not being able to move himself around kind of seems to frustrate him. He wants to get things and do things. This too shall come to pass…unfortunately he seems to take after his mother in the patience department. That is, he has none.

As I stated before, Ben is finally gaining some weight. We discovered (don’t ask me why it took this long…) that he still likes a warm bottle. We have been giving him room temp formula for awhile now, and he would just not eat that much. We started warming his formula again, and Ben is eating like a MACHINE. And it’s showing…he is 14 lbs, 8 oz now. That’s a lot of change in weight for a small guy, see aforementioned working with changes.

We’re gearing up for the holidays…the weeks have been packed. I have three tutoring students now, and I”m doing some part time work on friday afternoons, which I mentioned in the last post. We keep pretty busy, Ben and I. I like it, but I try not to get too busy because he needs some down time too. We are headed for Mom and Dad Randalls (Nana and Papa to Ben) for Thanksgiving. This is the first time in three years that Scott and I have not made dinner. Even though I LOVE to be the hostess, I”m ready for the break. It will be nice to relax and watch parades. Scott and I are determined to set precident early and not go crazy for Christmas with Ben. I have always thought that I wanted my kids to not associate Christmas with a trunkload of presents. It will be hard, I know. We’re going to get him a few things. I”m sure the wrapping paper will be more interesting to him than the presents themselves, at least for awhile. 🙂 We are also starting to think about what kind of traditions we want to have for Christmas. Every family has them. We go to my mom and dad’s on christmas morning in our pajamas…so that’s one. We are thinking about Christmas eve. Anyone have anything special that they have always done on the holidays?

I love Christmas, and I”m very excited to start sharing traditions with Ben, even though he won’t catch on for a few years yet. I can’t wait to decorate the house. Every year I make myself wait until after Thanksgiving, so as not to burn out. This whole idea of putting up decorations the day after halloween makes me crazy. It will be fun to sit and look at the lights and shiny things with him.

So enough updating. I have some pictures of the much hearalded

the before shot

I know that the long haired surfer look is in, but it wasn’t working for Ben.

What's that noise?

He didn’t fuss, not once, at the clippers….he was so good! But he really really wanted to see what was making that noise.

handsome boy

Okay, toward the end he got sick of the fussing and started to fuss himself…but on the whole he still looks great…and we kept some of the hair on top because, hey, it’s Ben and that is what he is known for. 🙂

till next time…..


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  1. xosmurfzruleox Says:

    awe, adorable, as always =)

    christmas eve is when i used to go to my grandparents house for christmas with them. we don’t do it anymore, but we still keep the tradition of eating pizza for dinner. =)
    we of course have the tradition of watching a ridiculous amount of ‘a christmas story’ christmas eve. haha =)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Christmas eve traditions

    We have always fixed simple, finger foods for Christmas eve (including each person’s favorite) and sat in the living room snacking, reading aloud two books: How the Grinch Stole Christmas and The Night Before Christmas (the version with the original pictures). We still do this, even though the kids are 17 and 18. . .it has the effect of slowing things down, calming us all, sending everyone to bed relaxed and happy. We thought about stopping once the kids were teens, and they said, “No way!” Nancy Q

  3. zoobily_zoo Says:

    He just gets cuter and cuter!! I can’t believe how big he’s gotten! Isn’t it really hard not to go overboard and buy like a mad woman? The holidays haven’t even hit yet and I’m already amazed at how poor we are. We too are trying to stick to our guns about only buying Tristan a few things. It’s a double whammy for us because his b-day is three days after Christmas.

    For us Christmas day is the same. We stumble our way to my parents house (we aren’t morning people) in our pjs after we have Christmas at our house. Christmas Eve we all used to go see whatever Christmas movie was out, and then go to my brother’s house, or back to my parent’s, so that my dad could read The Night Before Christmas. When I was 6 they had their first grandchild, so the tradition just kept on going. These past couple years we have eliminated the movie because things just seem so busy, we are all also horrible procrastinators.

    PS- If you get a second and could email me your address that would be great! I am a Christmas card geek and would love to add you guys to my list. If things calm down at all with your schedule or you need to hit the mall to do any shopping let me know!

  4. Anonymous Says:


    Hi Randalls! I am so happy about all the progress Ben is making!!! We used to open the family gifts on Christmas Eve and stockings on Christmas morning. This way it wasn’t overwhelming and we took time to open each gift and play with it. I’m thinking of traditions to start with Charlie too…I’m sure he’ll love the lights…we’re thinking of taking him to a light display. Hugs!! Dawn

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