Caution…Decking in progress

We had a packed weekend….Scott had five days off, but the time flew by even still! On wednesday there was the delivering of the turkey. We always have a farm fresh turkey, literally…walking on Tuesday, cooking on Thursday. Sound Blunt? Remember that your bird was walking at some point too. πŸ™‚ Anyway…we had a “small” bird this year, only 27 lbs….it sure looked a lot like the 34 lb bird we had last year, though. The entire clan headed to Scott’s parents for Thanksgiving day, and we had a great time. Lots of eating (great food….), of course everyone ate too much, because that is what one does on thanksgiving. After dinner, we relaxed with a nice calm game of cards….well, not really…we played Nernst, which is like spoons, only there are no spoons and it’s a bit more tense. Ben had a fabulous time, he was cooed over all day and got lots of grandparent time. We gave him a few things off the thanksgiving table….Jello was a hit, potatoes were not. Although, I have to say, he did try and “store” the Jello for later in his cheeks. He’s so funny that way.

Friday we went to Birch Run and Frankenmuth. We only went to two or three stores in Birch Run, because we had a specific point (returning some things and shopping for Ben), and it was crazy!!!! Frankenmuth was huge hit with Ben, we had a world famous chicken dinner, then proceeded to Bronners. Now, I know that Bronners is too much for most people, and I am one of those people. Ben, however, could not get enough. His eyes could not move fast enough to take in all of the lights and sounds. It was so fun to watch him. We took lots of pictures (see below for a sample).

The rest of the weekend was rounded out with baking of cookies on saturday, and a rousing round of the flu for me on Sunday. I”m really really hoping that Ben does not get this! I stayed far away from him all day, and I’ve bleached everything in sight… Here’s hoping.

The Christmas season is already booking up like crazy. We are double booked each and every sunday for the next three weeks. It’s crazy. We have just picked one event to go to, and that will have to be it. It’s not worth all the stress of trying to do everything, it’s not good for Ben or for us. Besides, who can have a good time if you’re always in the car!

There are some

Ben and Grandpa relax after thanksgiving

Ben and grandpa attempting to relax after thanksgiving dinner…of course, Ben is done at this point and is starting to fuss…but it had been a big day for such a little guy!

Shiny tree!

Ben admires the modern look

The Randall's at Bronners

Can’t even pause to look at the camera….

Ben makes a new friend

…and then we met the singing deer head. And Ben was in love.

4 Responses to “Caution…Decking in progress”

  1. purlewe Says:


    so excited to see new pics of the little man (and you look marvelous darling)

    btw.. GS cookies are sold at different times of the yr from different councils. I know the Philly council sells in the fall while my old council sold in the spring. I figure it is a combo of they cannot produce enough product for too many different places (even with 3 bakers now) and also tradition.. they have always sold in Nov, feb, etc.

    But these pictures.. I keep scrolling up. love them.

  2. Anonymous Says:


    I’d like to say ” slow down girl !!!” but where’s the fun in that !!. Ben is obviously going to be a wonderful elf this Christmas.. He looks more in the spirit than I ever get ….Totally love the big boy hair .. Happy Hols .. love trish xxxooo

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Love this!

    Hi guys…just got your card w/your site. I love it! Great to see you all Sun. It was a fun day!!
    Love you all…Aunt Chris and gang

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