Ben is feeling a little under the weather. Poor guy. I’m not even going to bring up the “T” word, because I”ll jinx the whole thing. Anyway…he’s totally off his solid food (just not eating it…he bars his mouth and turns his head) so I”m trying not to take that too badly….he used to eat so well and eat so much, and now nothing. At least he’s still taking a bottle. And he woke up sick twice last night. Hopefully he’ll be up and around and feeling better soon.

Speaking of teeth, check out this picture,

it's not teeth, it's a snack

I know that it looks like Ben has teeth in this picture, but what it is, in fact, is an apple cinnamon puff. He likes to glue them to his top gum then smile at us like a fiend.

Oh Ben. 🙂


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  1. Anonymous Says:


    It’s amazing …they look so real!!! Feel better soon baby Ben . Love trish xxxooo

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