But baby it’s cold outside

Just when I think things are calming down, they pick back up again. But such is life. Ben has been okay lately, he’s now completely stopped eating solid food…he just turns his head and cries. The past three days or so we have stopped pushing the issue, and have just been feeding him bottles. I have heard some people say that this behavior is common among kids this age…the online baby site I read has hundreds of posts from moms saying their kids are doing the same thing. Many responses have said that this means that the child is ready for self feeding, but Ben shows no interest in this. I think in a day or so I”ll start offering him one meal again, and go from there. He has had some diarrhea lately also, so maybe his little tummy is upset. Since Ben is still eating his bottles, at least he’s still getting what he needs.
It’s hard not to be frustrated when things like this happen. I realize that this is probably more of a baby thing than a Down Syndrome thing, but it still frustrates me. It’s hard to remind myself to be patient, that Ben will tell me what he needs when he needs it. I have a definite grandmother streak in me in that I love to see Ben eat. I love knowing that I”m making his food and that he enjoys it so much. I’m really trying not to be “super-mom-ish” about the fact that I’m making his baby food, but it is a great source of pride for me. I have to remember that him not eating has nothing to do with me, but some other issue that only Ben knows. Babies are such a mystery!!!
Ben has been doing pretty well at therapy. He sees the Physical Therapist one week, the Occupational therapist the next. It is very good for him that they are willing to do “one on one” time with him now, because he needs that. He has a lot of strength in his shoulders and his upper body…he pushes himself up and can roll himself above the waist..but his lower half is still kind of weak. His legs are very “frogged”…they splay out and flop around. he loves to lift his feet up and look at them, but can’t get his knees under himself and shift his weight. The PT suggested that we get his hips checked out to make sure he hasn’t stretched the tendons around his joints (causing his hip sockets to be out sometimes) before we start stretching and working his hips in earnest. We will do this at his next ped. appointment.
Speaking of Ped. appointments, I love our pediatrician. It’s really a very good group and very supportive of everything we’ve been through with Ben. He will be getting his next round of shots at the health department, however, because it is cheaper and we have reached his cap on well-baby visits. We planned on doing taking him this week, but since Ben has had some tummy problems, I’m waiting until he feels better. I’m a little crazy about taking him to the Health Dept., just because I’m worried about him picking something up there…but I’m sure the risk is about the same as taking him to the doctor’s office.
The Christmas party for the Down Syndrome Parent group is this weekend. We’re excited to go and show Ben off. He loves to watch the big kids dance around. 🙂 It makes me reflect on this time last year…I was pregnant and Scott and I went to the party to meet some people. It was our first contact with this great group of people. So much has happened in one year, it’s amazing to think about. When I think of the past year, my head spins and I get a little confused about how so much can be fit into what is really a short amount of time.

…This started out as a short post!


One Response to “But baby it’s cold outside”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    All Shall Be Well Again

    Dear Kym,

    Just a word of encouragement. It must be very difficult with Ben, not knowing what is “just” baby stuff or if it’s something of more concern. Just baby stuff is hard enough. But I know Ben is being held in another pair of Arms whose Presence within and around him is real and powerful and healing. And that Presence is incarnated in you and Scott, as well as all the others who love and care for Ben. While I don’t believe life is ever easy or painless, I do believe “all shall be well.”

    With love,

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