As I posted last week, things in our house are finally back to normal with Ben. He is once again eating like a machine…anything we put in front of him…he even had some homemade pea soup this weekend, and really enjoyed it. I am trying to introduce some more things to his diet that have texture to them…I mashed a carrot for him in his soup, and though he usually is pretty picky about chunks, he ate the whole thing. Sorry to those of you who found kinship in his disdain for cooked carrots, he now seems to love them. Go figure! We will also work a little harder now that he is feeling better on putting food in his mouth. Ben loves to chew on toys, but hasn’t quite gotten the hang of food in the mouth. He’ll come around. 🙂 In order to give him a wider taste of fruit, I did buy him some jars of fruits that are more exotic to try…some mango, papya, and “Hawaiian delight”, Which I assume must consist mostly of pineapple. So far all have been a success. Reading baby food labels in the grocery store is a shock…the second ingredient on most is sugar. I know, I know, it can’t hurt him all that much and he’ll have plenty of sugar eventually, but it is kind of an eye opener to look at that.

Our rounds of holiday parties have finished for the year…we have been so busy lately, and Ben has been a trooper. Yesterday we went to a party for Scott’s side of the family, and he didn’t nap all afternoon. In spite of this, he was happy and smiling all day. Ben is now completely off of his Morphine, and what a difference! I think I may have mentioned before (I certainly say it enough) that this is not a suprise to me, but it’s still amazing to see what a different kid he is…so interactive, happy and outgoing. It’s nice to have him well and ready to play all the time. And I do mean ALL the time. He’s such a hoot.

Christmas shopping is done. We had a hard time trying to find some toys that would be good for his motor skill development, toys that aren’t all about the batteries and lights. We found him some wooden blocks that will be easier for him to pick up with his tiny hands, also some small wooden trucks that he can push and pull. Two other toys round out his list: a small xylophone that he can hit with the attached sticks, and a pop up toy. I can’t wait till Christmas. 🙂 We will be having Christmas morning here, then heading to my parents for the day.

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Even though Ben smiles all the time, it is hard to catch it on camera. Shutter delay means he smiles and smiles, then as soon as the shutter opens, the smile is gone. This is usually the best we get. 🙂


Witness Ben’s new trick: I have taught him to stick his tongue out. He laughs like crazy when I stick mine out at him, but quickly learned to do it himself. I think it’s funny…I mean, ‘cmon, he’s only ten months old….what harm can this do? Oh yeah, he does this at EVERYONE he meets now. 🙂 oops. 🙂


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  1. dpepsimobil Says:

    I cant beleive he his almost a year old. HE is getting so big…Ms. McGee and I were talking about you and Ben so I decided to see what was up. I hope you guys have a great christmas. Oh and here is something a little extra…
    ‘Twas the night to make crystals, and all through the hood,
    Compounds were reacting; As I’d hoped that they would.
    The hood door I’d closed with the greatest of care,
    To keep noxious vapors from fouling the air.

    The reflux condenser was hooked to the tap,
    And the high vacuum pump had a freshly filled trap.
    I patiently waited to finish my task,
    While boiling chips merrily danced in the flask.

    Then from the pump there arose such a clatter,
    That I sprang from my chair to see what was the matter.
    Away to the fume hood! Up with the door!
    And half my product foamed out on the floor.

    Then what to my watering eyes should appear,
    But a viscous black oil which had once been so clear.
    I turned the pump off in a terrible rush,
    And the oil that sucked back filled the line up with mush.

    The ether boiled out of the flask with a splash,
    And hitting the mantle went up with a flash.
    My nose turned quite ruddy, my eyebrows went bare,
    The blast had singed off nearly half of my hair.

    I shut the hood door with a violent wrench,
    As acid burned holes in the floor and the bench.
    I flushed it with water, and to my dismay,
    Found sodium hydride had spilled in to the fray.

    And then the fire got way out of hand,
    I managed to quench it with buckets of sand.
    With aqueous base I diluted the crud,
    Then shoveled up seven big buckets of mud.

    I extracted the slurry again and again
    With ether and then with dichlorometane.
    Chormatographic techniques were applied
    Several times ’til the product had been purified.

    I finally viewed with a satisfied smile,
    One half a gram in a shiny new vial.
    I mailed the yield report to my boss,
    Ninety percent (allowing for loss).

    “Good work,” said the boss in the answering mail,
    “Use same condition on a preparative scale.”

    ~Anjelica Jones~

  2. Anonymous Says:


    Okay…I guess I can’t hold it against the little guy that he’s gone over to the carrot dark side. Then again, pea soup IS one of the few approved forms of carrot consumption!

    Actually, I’m just totally thrilled he’s eating like crazy!!



  3. purlewe Says:

    got your card yesterday. You crack me up.

    hugs and kisses to all of you.

  4. Anonymous Says:





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