Long Awaited?

It has been a long time since posting a real post here, I apologize. After the holidays we all kind of just laid back for a few days, Ben included. But things are back to normal now with Scott back to work and Ben and I hanging out at home. Next week will be a crazy week, we have two pediatrician appointments…it’s a long story, but we had to schedule two different times on two different days instead of doing everything on one day…as well as Physical Therapy starting again, so Ben and I will be on the go. Scott and I are looking at new Carseats for Ben, since his height has outgrown the infant seat he has. We are looking a lot harder at these carseats and being more picky than we were with the infant seat…we want to strike the delicate balance between price, safety and “other”…the “other” mainly being how easy it is to use the straps and get Ben in and out. We also are concerned with how much padding and support there is for him, so that his noodle body is supported. I also want to get an umbrella stroller at the same time, because it is a little more lightweight for the store and mall when we go out than the big ol stroller we have now. I think that everyone should have to rent a child for a month or so before they register for baby gifts…because you learn what you really need versus what everyone else says they loved….

Ben has picked up a few new tricks…he is eating like mad and increasing the amount of solid food he eats. He has also learned to wave (which he does when and only when he wants to) and tonight when we were reading his bedtime story, he clapped his hands. The clapping is a very very very big deal since one of the goals that it is important for him to reach is “midline control” where he keeps limbs in the center of his body rather than flopped out at the side. He is getting much better about clapping and banging things together when held in opposite hands. I also noticed today he is starting to push with his feet a little, which is good because he has, in the past done very little with his feet and legs.

Ben has a nasty rash on his front and back….the front is all on his chest and the back is down along his diaper line. I think this is due to how much Ben sweats…he sweats like, ten times what a normal person does. It’s a heart thing, I’ve been told. The front one must be because he sleeps on his tummy and there is a rubber sheet (or “leak catcher”) on his crib. I do not think this is a latex alergy because there are other areas of his body in contact with latex on his diaper that have not broken out. I think the areas of him that sweat and cannot evaporate cause this rash. All the more reason to get moving on that sitting process!!!

Scott, Ben and I want to welcome to the world little Luke Larson. You can check him out at his blog at lukelarson.blogspot.com. Cutie patootie!!!!


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