Plans for Ben’s birthday are coming along nicely, it’s good to hear that so many people are coming. We are thinking of the best way to keep Ben healthy and un-overwhelmed at the gathering….seems like the smartest way to do this is to prevent Ben-passing. So I hope you all understand if we parents and Ben’s grandparents hog all the snuggle and holding time. It is easier on him all the way around, with cold and flu season being as it is. We got a great gift from a family friend…a “first birthday” outfit for Ben to wear. I can’t wait to see him in it.

We went up north this weekend to Grandma and Grandpa Corliss’ river house. Ben traveled well and had a great time. Scott and I did a little walking around, some with my mom and a little without. It felt good to be outside. The snow was beautiful and deep up north, pretty and fun to walk in. Ben did great in the car. We expected him to nap all the way home (we left at nap time, thinking that would be a good strategy) but for the first two hours home he sang and laughed at himself in the back seat. He is so much more animated lately…grabbing for things, laughing more freely, using his voice all the time. It is so much fun to see and hear. We met another family in the area whose daughter has Down Syndrome and Ben and I went for a playdate yesterday at thier house. Ben and his little friend A had a good conversation and she happily shared her toys with him. So much fun.

I have trouble getting Ben bundled for the outdoors. The first problem is that he sweats like crazy, so putting him in too many layers makes him miserable. I generally put a thick hat on him along with a cozy playsuit, then pile two blankets on him in the carseat. I can remove these in the car or throw them over the carseat when we go in the outdoors. Yesterday I tried this carseat cover that my mom gave us. We used it a couple times last year…it has fleece on the underside and a windproof nylon on the outside. There is a flap that covers Ben’s face so I can lift it and see him when we are inside. It works great, but he is so tall now that it hits the top of his head and bothers him. So here I am walking into Costco and Ben flips the cover up and sings at me, getting a draft of cold air inside the carseat. I flip it down and immediately see a tiny finger protrude and stroke the outside nylon. I shove that back inside too, and both hands come out waving trying to “see” what’s outside. I think that we should just stick with blankets and not going out on the bitter days for now.

A few


Sometimes after a long day Ben likes to nap in front of the evening news.


The best part of this picture is the story. Scott gave Ben a taste of Pickle, which Ben was making his mind up about until I said “oh is that ucky? Did daddy give you something ucky?” At which point Ben looked at Scott and made a fuss face. I continued this, with Ben’s answering looks, and tried to get it on camera. All I got was the sourpuss.

silly hat

Love the jazz hands here.

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  1. purlewe Says:

    I wonder if all those great wicking fibers are available in bolts of cloth.. perhaps you can make him onesies out of it if you can find it??

    Can’t wait to see the man!

  2. Anonymous Says:


    Kym and Scott, so lovely to hear all the wonderful things Ben is up to.. He’s such a star!!!!.We will stop by at the party to see you all …much love Trishj and kevin xxxooo

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