Huston, we have protien.

Victory! (At least I hope it is). Ever since the pediatrician uttered those words “I’d like to see him get some protien”, I have been trying like mad to expand Ben’s diet. He doesn’t like the meat I give him. He doesn’t like the meat in the jars. He really could care less about Beans and such. The best of these refusals is an icy look from Ben with locked lips. The usual refusal is a madly arched back, turned head, and a cry and fuss so extreme you would think he was in pain. So I finally gave in and bought him some silken Tofu. Scott and I don’t mind Tofu, but we don’t eat it at home, mostly because we eat meat, and I don’t know how to cook it properly. But I took out a spoonful or two of the stuff, whipped it up with the hand mixer, and used it to mix Ben’s cereal, with a little formula. Then heaped apple sauce on the top and he ate the whole thing. If this is what I must do, so be it.

We spent the morning cleaning…and there is more, oh so much more, to do. But there are so many other things I would rather do. This weekend was spent traveling around looking for blinds (we did find some, but not where we wanted to.) We were hoping to just be able to buy some premade blinds, but all of our windows are custom, so we had to order custom blinds for all the windows. It will go a long way to keeping all the drafts down. I made no-knead bread saturday and sunday (it took fourteen hours to rise, hence two days), and it was DELIGHTFUL. I’m not a bread maker, and this was so easy and delicious. Then yesterday we went to Rick and Karen’s for the stupendous bowl, or whatever the heck it is when large men bang into each other on grass for extended periods of time to prove their manhood. Ben is so much better about visiting and traveling….his schedule is a little more flexible and he is a better traveler overall. Makes life fun, that does.

Cold here, we are staying inside unless we are forced to go out. Which is good, because there really is a lot to do around the house here. 🙂


4 Responses to “Huston, we have protien.”

  1. purlewe Says:

    I’ve never understood it but you do know about creating complex proteins by using green veggies in tandem with rice right???

  2. purlewe Says:

    Best Answer – Chosen by Asker

    While you get protein from just about all the foods you eat,
    legumes, corn and grains can supply significant quantities of protein in the diet. Foods like TVP, tofu, seitan are concentrated sources of protein. TVP is almost all soy protein, and seitan is
    basically almost all wheat protein (gluten). Legumes, in general,
    supply large quantities of protein (12 – 15 grams/cup). Nuts and
    seeds also supply significant quantities of protein (like almonds
    or pumpkin seeds). Grains like quinoa, amaranth, oats, wheat,
    spelt are also very good sources of protein. Vegetables like
    brocolli and potatoes supply significant amounts of protein. Even a banana supplies a gram of protein.

    have you tried fish yet? plain whitefish is pretty easy. brown rice should help. Do you have tvp there?? I could bring some if you want.

    • coffeemomma Says:

      yeah, I know I know. and he gets some protein from his cereal. Broccoli is a no go as of yet. Bananas are okay. He can’t have nuts yet (fear of nut allergies…things are different from when we are kids). I didn’t try tvp because I figured tofu would be easier…he likes things that are creamy and smooth. Ben won’t touch potatoes, but he’ll eat the “fake” potato flakes…I’m fighting the loosing battle of getting him to eat whole foods for now, knowing that as he gets harder this will be a harder thing to do…I figure that if I start him young it will be easier. 🙂 I have tried mashed beans…those were a no go. I figure that most of this is temporary…he won’t hate it all forever, but right now he isn’t keen. His issue, so far as I can tell, is mostly texture; although he doesn’t like the taste of the jarred meats (and who can blame him?) I figure if this tofu thing goes well I can gradually use it as I use yogurt, to mix in some other foods and improve their texture for Ben.

      • purlewe Says:

        I know about the nuts things with kids.. but I always just thought it was peanuts?? so I was thinking other things like tahini.. which is seaseme paste… which might be an option if other nuts are OK..

        I know you are smart enough to figure it all out.. just giving my ideas. plus I live next to an asian market and have scads of different kinds of “veggie” protein options.

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