Ben and I made a craft this morning. Which is to say he rolled on the floor, plotting to take over the world with Senior Alfonso Elephante while I sewed and glued.

Also pictures of the bread I made this weekend after the cut. mmmmm. it was tasty!


A cute-door-hanging thing. Actually, a way to procrastinate cleaning the house. 🙂

No knead bread

Not having to knead the bread means there is no knead for a headache. (groan)


5 Responses to “Random…”

  1. Anonymous Says:


    So are you going to share this recipe with us? Charlie says bababa, dadada, and ahhhhh to Ben. Hugs! Dawn

  2. raynbow Says:

    Totally unrelated, although the bread does look yummy!

    Have you knitted socks before, or would this be your first pair?

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