some random things

Filtered, because the grannies that check in on Ben need to be broken in gently to the random daily musings that this journal will contain in the future. I mean, yeah, I write a lot about Ben because he’s on my mind, but there is more going on too. I think this is heading toward the journal stage and out of the updates on Ben’s health weekly stage. Eh, it’s all good.

Knitting: I need to finish this damn blanket I’ve started and never do another one as long as I live. I hate this blanket so much it’s making me sick. I need to get on with it and finish so I never have to look at it again. I should just buy these people a wedding gift and ditch the blanket. I’m not an endurance knitter, let it be said. Also let it be said that what keeps me from doing the blanket is the very nice pair of socks I’ve started, and which are almost done. yes, I even did the heel thanks to a nice internet tutorial. And it was pretty easy. I love socks. They are something that you can do in a week or so. Unless you are doing a blanket, then it takes you much longer because you keep feeling guilty about not finishing the blanket. Then there are all those other things I want to make (for myself no less, who knew) which I cannot feel good about starting until this damn blanket is done. I’m going to get on it today during naptime.

Cleaning: I need to clean my house. No, really…I NEED to clean. I started yesterday. Scott asked me this weekend if I wanted him to vacuum upstairs and I said “are you going to take the wand and do all the walls and the ceiling and the doors?” and he said “….no?” at which point I told him not to bother, and it was okay. What is wrong with me. I should have taken him up on that. But it’s okay. ben and I pump the tunes and clean like mad people. Like fiends. Like dervishes. Besides, it’s too cold to do anything else.

Tutoring: I love tutoring, except that with it and Band, I’m gone three nights a week. I don’t like that too much. We aren’t eating together as much as we used to and I’m not cooking, which kind of makes me cranky. Scott can eat pasta forever, which is good. He doesn’t get cranky about anything. One of my tutoring students doesn’t really need the help right now, which is kind of discouraging, because that’s lost income for me…but ahhh well, that’s the way it goes.

Opera: I don’t know squat about opera, but I’m suddenly fascinated by it. I got a few books from the library and I’ve been learning about it. I”m going to dig some recordings out of my Non-computer-uploaded CD box and relisten…yes, I actually own some opera highlight CDs. Then maybe get some recordings from the library. I’m starting small….Carmen, of course, and probably some Magic Flute…that sounds really funny….. I’m in a music slump right now and want some variety.

Off to cleaning and bastard blanket land. Maybe I could write my own Opera about that. 🙂


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