Champion Sleeper

…I know that this may have something to do with Ben’s health, but have I mentioned that he is the best sleeper I have ever seen? Other parents are shouting “shut up shut up shut up” at their computer monitors as I say this, but it’s true. He sleeps twelve hours at night, a two hour nap in the morning, and a two to three hour nap in the afternoon is average. This week he’s sleeping more than that. I have to watch him, because he likes to sleep in the morning and then not take an afternoon nap. Not good!!! That means this post will be short, because I need to go and wake him up so we can do a couple of errands. šŸ™‚

Plans for the party have me all excited. Plans for our guests next week have me even more excited. We deep cleaned the house this weekend…well, sort of. Thing is, it doesn’t have that “company feel” that a real deep clean gives your house. Hopefully I”m not the only one who knows what this means…because it may mean my house is really dirty usually. haha. šŸ™‚ Anyway. We got blinds for the windows this weekend, finally, after getting new windows a year and a half ago. I just couldn’t stand the draft that blew down my neck when sitting on the couch any more. So our windows are dressed and pretty, which is nice. I realized today while on the phone with a friend that I have given NO THOUGHT whatever to decorations for Ben’s party…so we are off to look into that either today or tomorrow. We also have to order cake from costco (yum), and get reprints of some old pictures for Melanie, one of my friends coming to visit next week. I am reprinting all of the pictures I took on the trip to Germany when we met twenty years ago,(okay, it was only eighteen years, but doesn’t that still sound like a long time?). Melon lost a lot of her “Germany stuff” in a fire earlier this year, and I want to give her my pictures. I think that Anjy (also coming to visit) is doing the same. It will be a big “remember when” love fest all week. Hooray!!!!!!

I spent last saturday at a fourteen hour scrapbook crop working on Ben’s book. More is done. (You’ll notice I said MORE, not IT). I really have the scrapbook bug after doing one of those crops…..I want to get as much of ben’s book done as possible so we can put it out at the party. We also got a copy of this book called “It’s my heart” from the Children’s heart foundation…it is a free book to families that have kids with heart conditions…and it has pictures and descriptions of all kinds of heart issues, including all of Ben’s. We will be putting that out at the party too, along with some albums and other stuff. I think Scott is working on a slide show of pictures as well.

I haven’t mentioned it yet, mostly because I have such mixed feelings, but Ben is being discharged from Hospice in a week. I know that this is incredibly good news (I mean, who gets discharged from Hospice!!!) but I am also kind of sad because Nurse Kim and Linda (the Social Worker) have really become family friends in a way too. We will miss them, but I am overwhelmed by all the feelings I have about Ben being discharged from Hospice.

I will probably be writing a lot about this in the coming days, but I cannot help thinking about where we were a year ago, where we went a year ago, and everything this past year has brought us. I can’t look at Ben this week without shaking my head and smiling. And sometimes crying.


One Response to “Champion Sleeper”

  1. dc_chick06 Says:

    Wow, I can’t even believe he’s a year old, and how well he is doing. It makes me smile, too! I remember sitting in AP Chem just waiting for each update, and hoping that it would be a good one. Now I just love getting the updates with pictures and seeing how big Ben is getting! Can’t wait to see you next weekend!!

    -Brandy Van Camp

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