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The adventures of Stalker boy

March 27, 2007


March 27, 2007

Today, for your enjoyment, I present a lesson in How to Take Ben to the Park

1. While Ben is napping, get stroller from trunk of car, set it up
2. Find the blankets we roll and place behind him to keep him upright, place in stroller
3. Find additional blankets to be used to stuff extra space in the swing I intend to put him in
4. Find camera, keys, waterbottle.
5. Decide I do not want to place these on my person or in the under-basket of stroller
6. Find handlebar bag for bikes, place on stroller, put valuables in bag
7. Brush teeth, put on hat, put on socks, put on shoes
8. Find Ben’s hat
9. Wake Ben up from nap, change him, dress him, put him in T-shirt, Jeans and flannel (he may get cold…don’t they say to put one more layer on than an adult would wear?)
10. Put Ben’s hat on, soothe him (he doesn’t like the hat)
11. Go on a Bat hunt (ie: take care of Ben’s stuffy nose, he has bats in his cave and cannot breathe)
12. get ipod, to listen to podcasts while walking
13. Tear house apart looking for headphones
14. Leave house, with Ben, ipod, headphones, put Ben in stroller
15. Five minutes of adjusting
16. Underway.
16a. Adjust Ben
17. stop three minutes into walk to remove the flannel shirt
17a. Adjust Ben
18. Walk to park, see swings are not up, walk around park and head home
19. Stop at frog pond, take pictures, adjust Ben
20. Decide walk has not been long enough, continue around neighborhood. Adjust Ben
21. Stop fifty seven more times to adjust Ben. His hat keeps going down around his eyes, and he hates that. I adjust it, he wags his head until it is over his eyes again, then yells. This is a game now.
22. Arrive home, 45 minutes later
23. Get Ben a glass of water, try and convince him that he doesn’t need to drink it all at once.

For all the bite of this post, the walk was actually very nice. And now that it’s raining, I’m glad we went early!!!

Some pictures, click here

spring fling

March 21, 2007

Ben is indeed recovered from his rash, after two days of Benadryl and lots of sleep, warm baths and much coddling, he was looking better by saturday, but feeling better by thursday. The doctor gave him some different medication for the rash on his cheek, and that is working nicely.

Speaking of coddling…while Ben isn’t a temper-tantrum type of guy, he is starting to push the limits, as most kids do at some point. Mostly this involves trying to see if Scott or I will rescue him from anything he doesn’t want to do. Case in point: Recently the sessions with the therapist on Mondays have been TORTURE. This week, Ben screamed and cried through most of the session. He would cry, make a fuss face at the therapist, then look at me to see if I was going to do anything. If I didn’t (which was the case), then he would play for a bit and try again. After a few minutes when we got down to the stuff he REALLY didn’t want to do, he screamed bloody murder, then would look at me to see if I was paying attention (with a short break in the crying so he could open his eyes). I know that he was doing okay, his color was good, his breathing was fine, his heartbeat was okay, he was just trying to be miserable. So we’re working on that by trying to push him a little more at home. There are some things that Scott and I are quick to do, like entertain Ben when he is bored, pick him up every noise he makes. I know it’s not good for him, but it’s hard not to!!! I think if we aren’t more aware of this now it’s going to turn into a big mess later.

On a lighter note, Ben and I went for a walk at the mall yesterday, since it was too cold to walk outside. While there, I made an impulse buy….you can see the results if you click here

too fun not to do….

March 14, 2007

The movie of my live, via Itunes (stolen from Rhiann31)

So, here’s how it works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc…)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that’s playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don’t lie and try to pretend you’re cool..

Sting: Englishman in New York

The Fixxx: One thing Leads to Another

Clay Aiken: Run to me (yes, I’m a big dork)

Bruce Springsteen: Hungry Heart (No kidding!)

Sarah McLachlan: Winter

Little Mermaid: Part of your World

Bob Segar: Against the Wind

Martha Reeves and the Vandellas: Dancing in the Street

Rush: Nobody’s Hero

Barry Manilow: Somewhere in the Night

Spartan Marching Band: Spartan Fanfare

Alison Krauss: Stars

Dar Williams: The Ocean

Indigo Girls: Love will Come to You (appropriate in so many ways)

Phish: Amazing Grace

They Might Be Giants: Road Movie to Berlin (?)

Hank Williams Sr.: Tennessee Waltz

Cory Hart: Sunglasses at Night

47 gig (that’s ten days) of music on my computer and this is the best it can do? Weird. 🙂 But fun.

March 14, 2007

Ben is still rashy, still on benadryl. I think that things are getting better, everything seems to be just general spottiness now, but he is COVERED in spots. They are not raised, have no heads on them, they are just red spots everywhere. Called the doc again yesterday, and they said that until the antibiotic is out of his system, this is normal. As long as he doesn’t have trouble breathing, it’s okay. Hrm.

We were up at two AM last night because he was throwing up in his crib. This is not unusual for Ben, as he throws up at everything….his stomach is sensitive and always has been. Sometimes when he is having a BM in the middle of the night, he will throw up. (Aren’t you glad you are reading this?) (Note to older Ben reading his baby journal: I’m so sorry I put this in here). Anyway, changing sheets and cleaning him at two AM is not fun, but it is necessary. Scott got up to help too, so it was a family bonding experience. Ben was generally fussy all night, probably just uncomfortable. Guh. Must drink more coffee to stay awake all day.

After his nap this morning, I found him lying sideways in his crib, on his back (he sleeps on his tummy), looking very alarmed. “Why did I wind up on my back? WHAT IN THE NAME OF THE CAT IS GOING ON?”. What a big boy. 🙂


Ho Hum

March 13, 2007

Oh, Well then…

March 13, 2007

So yesterday Ben and I are in JoAnn fabrics (yes, in the yarn aisle, if you must know), and he starts crying for no reason. I think he’s tired so I take him home, and sure enough, he falls asleep in the car (after crying again in the checkout), doesn’t eat any lunch, takes a nap, but seems happy enough. Then we get to physical therapy and he is crying again…really fussing and crying…which for him, is really unusual. Then I notice the red blotches all over his face and neck…and I take a peek at his torso. He is covered in an angry red rash.
Realizing I forgot my cell phone (why do a I do that only when I need it?), I use the PT’s to call our pediatrician. When Scott gets home we take Ben to the doctor, and find out he is having an allergic reaction to the antibiotic he is on. Ben had a ten day course of amoxicillin for a nasty spot on his face which the Dr. thinks is infected. When that didn’t go away, he put Ben on Keflex, and that is what he seems to be allergic to. He was almost done with the Keflex, but the Dr. said that the first time you react to something, it takes longer for it to show. I always thought that the allergy would show up immediately, but I guess not.

So, Ben has had some benadryl. He isn’t hungry, but is still drinking a lot and seems pretty happy, so I’m not complaining. Poor guy was probably all itchy yesterday and that is why he was fussy. I’d cry too.

In other news, the billing office at Children’s is trying my patience. We are still getting bills for the visit we made to the cardiologist in September, even though every month when I get a bill I call both insurance and Children’s to tell them that they are billing insurance wrong. The insurance company shows that they are still billing using our old insurance information. I’ve made FIVE calls to Children’s now, and we got another bill yesterday. I know screaming and yelling won’t do any good, but I’m a woman on the edge here. So today is another phone call. Last month our insurance said that they would actually reprocess the claim on their end, since they could see what is wrong, and Children’s promised we wouldn’t get another bill. I know the visit is covered! I have been told by insurance that it is! Maybe things just crossed in the mail. I’ll find out today. Maybe I can talk to a supervisor. Do you know how hard it is to talk to someone who can actually make decisions? I’ll keep ya’ll updated. Scott thinks we should call “Ruth to the Rescue”, and I”m tempted. I think I would do it if it weren’t about Ben. I don’t want a “Ruth” segment on my ailing child and his medical issues, being thwarted by the big bad hospital meanies.

grrrrr. It’s been a trying couple of days.

Done at Last

March 12, 2007

Whoo hoo!

March 12, 2007

As I wrote on Friday, Ben went back to the cardiologist last week. This is to be a regular occurrence, and we’ll be going about every six months or so. We got news that was pretty good, which is that Ben’s heart has not changed very much from the way it looked last fall. Yes, his heart is slightly enlarged, and yes, the valves are a little (okay, maybe more than a little) leaky, but his heart is working the way only Ben’s heart can, and neither the enlargement nor the leakage is worse than it was last fall. In addition, the coarctation (that was the blood vessel that was closed off and had opened up, helping Ben out) is not NORMAL (which we knew), but seems to be at a point where it is functioning okay for Ben. It is still narrow, but apparently there isn’t a lot of pressure building up from the blood trying to go through. It was very much a “no change is good change” day. We did get a copy of the journal article written on Ben’s heart. It’s a medical journal article, meaning Scott and I can understand most of the words if we read really slow. 🙂 But it’s neat that Ben is all published and stuff. 🙂
In other Cardiology news, Ben was really good through the whole experience…the nurses love him, it was good to see his Doctor (whom we really like talking to), and generally it was a good day. See you again in six months. 🙂
We spent the rest of the weekend busy as usual. Scott and I went to usher at the Masonic Temple for RENT on Saturday, and Ben got some quality Nana and Papa time. Yesterday was a trip to Costco for groceries. As we were waking in, a woman looked at Ben and said “Oh, gosh, he’s REALLY cute”; to which I reply “I know, but I”m biased…” and she says “Oh, No…He’s really really cute”. Well, if that doesn’t make a mother feel good. 🙂 Ben, of course, poured on the charm during this exchange, par for the course.
Today is Physical Therapy…Ben’s a little cranky today so let’s hope that the nap takes care of that and that things look up by the time we go. Here’s hoping!

In non-Ben related news, the blanket I started knitting four months ago is DONE DONE DONE!!!. Seeing as it’s a wedding present for a wedding long since past, I will block it today and send it out. I’m glad to be done with it, it’s lovely…just a throw, not a bedspread, but it really does look nice. It was easy to knit, which is probably why I got so damned sick of it…it was endless in it’s simplicity. But it’s done now, and I can move on to other things. I think I’ll celebrate by buying some new yarn for a pair of socks for myself…after spending the last five months knitting for others (between christmas, the blanket, and birthdays)…I will make myself a nice leisurely pair of socks, I think.
click here for pictures!

One Year check up

March 9, 2007

Off to the Cardiologist this morning!!!!!