Oh, Well then…

So yesterday Ben and I are in JoAnn fabrics (yes, in the yarn aisle, if you must know), and he starts crying for no reason. I think he’s tired so I take him home, and sure enough, he falls asleep in the car (after crying again in the checkout), doesn’t eat any lunch, takes a nap, but seems happy enough. Then we get to physical therapy and he is crying again…really fussing and crying…which for him, is really unusual. Then I notice the red blotches all over his face and neck…and I take a peek at his torso. He is covered in an angry red rash.
Realizing I forgot my cell phone (why do a I do that only when I need it?), I use the PT’s to call our pediatrician. When Scott gets home we take Ben to the doctor, and find out he is having an allergic reaction to the antibiotic he is on. Ben had a ten day course of amoxicillin for a nasty spot on his face which the Dr. thinks is infected. When that didn’t go away, he put Ben on Keflex, and that is what he seems to be allergic to. He was almost done with the Keflex, but the Dr. said that the first time you react to something, it takes longer for it to show. I always thought that the allergy would show up immediately, but I guess not.

So, Ben has had some benadryl. He isn’t hungry, but is still drinking a lot and seems pretty happy, so I’m not complaining. Poor guy was probably all itchy yesterday and that is why he was fussy. I’d cry too.

In other news, the billing office at Children’s is trying my patience. We are still getting bills for the visit we made to the cardiologist in September, even though every month when I get a bill I call both insurance and Children’s to tell them that they are billing insurance wrong. The insurance company shows that they are still billing using our old insurance information. I’ve made FIVE calls to Children’s now, and we got another bill yesterday. I know screaming and yelling won’t do any good, but I’m a woman on the edge here. So today is another phone call. Last month our insurance said that they would actually reprocess the claim on their end, since they could see what is wrong, and Children’s promised we wouldn’t get another bill. I know the visit is covered! I have been told by insurance that it is! Maybe things just crossed in the mail. I’ll find out today. Maybe I can talk to a supervisor. Do you know how hard it is to talk to someone who can actually make decisions? I’ll keep ya’ll updated. Scott thinks we should call “Ruth to the Rescue”, and I”m tempted. I think I would do it if it weren’t about Ben. I don’t want a “Ruth” segment on my ailing child and his medical issues, being thwarted by the big bad hospital meanies.

grrrrr. It’s been a trying couple of days.


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