Ben is still rashy, still on benadryl. I think that things are getting better, everything seems to be just general spottiness now, but he is COVERED in spots. They are not raised, have no heads on them, they are just red spots everywhere. Called the doc again yesterday, and they said that until the antibiotic is out of his system, this is normal. As long as he doesn’t have trouble breathing, it’s okay. Hrm.

We were up at two AM last night because he was throwing up in his crib. This is not unusual for Ben, as he throws up at everything….his stomach is sensitive and always has been. Sometimes when he is having a BM in the middle of the night, he will throw up. (Aren’t you glad you are reading this?) (Note to older Ben reading his baby journal: I’m so sorry I put this in here). Anyway, changing sheets and cleaning him at two AM is not fun, but it is necessary. Scott got up to help too, so it was a family bonding experience. Ben was generally fussy all night, probably just uncomfortable. Guh. Must drink more coffee to stay awake all day.

After his nap this morning, I found him lying sideways in his crib, on his back (he sleeps on his tummy), looking very alarmed. “Why did I wind up on my back? WHAT IN THE NAME OF THE CAT IS GOING ON?”. What a big boy. 🙂

spotty boy


3 Responses to “”

  1. twoscoopsmsu Says:

    Awww poor litte guy 😦

    Aunt Karen sends her love. She knows what allergic reactions are like.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Poor little guy! Not only is he blotchy, it’s now plastered all over the WWW. Oh, the humiliation!

    Grandpa C.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Rash Boy

    OMG! That poor poor little man! Can I tell you how scared I was reading about the BM only to see that there was a picture posted?

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