spring fling

Ben is indeed recovered from his rash, after two days of Benadryl and lots of sleep, warm baths and much coddling, he was looking better by saturday, but feeling better by thursday. The doctor gave him some different medication for the rash on his cheek, and that is working nicely.

Speaking of coddling…while Ben isn’t a temper-tantrum type of guy, he is starting to push the limits, as most kids do at some point. Mostly this involves trying to see if Scott or I will rescue him from anything he doesn’t want to do. Case in point: Recently the sessions with the therapist on Mondays have been TORTURE. This week, Ben screamed and cried through most of the session. He would cry, make a fuss face at the therapist, then look at me to see if I was going to do anything. If I didn’t (which was the case), then he would play for a bit and try again. After a few minutes when we got down to the stuff he REALLY didn’t want to do, he screamed bloody murder, then would look at me to see if I was paying attention (with a short break in the crying so he could open his eyes). I know that he was doing okay, his color was good, his breathing was fine, his heartbeat was okay, he was just trying to be miserable. So we’re working on that by trying to push him a little more at home. There are some things that Scott and I are quick to do, like entertain Ben when he is bored, pick him up every noise he makes. I know it’s not good for him, but it’s hard not to!!! I think if we aren’t more aware of this now it’s going to turn into a big mess later.

On a lighter note, Ben and I went for a walk at the mall yesterday, since it was too cold to walk outside. While there, I made an impulse buy….you can see the results


I just had to do it. Ben was FASCINATED with the easter bunny and not scared at all. The bunny did have a rather LARGE stomach, though, so Ben couldn’t just sit on a knee…he was sliding all over the place! I kept running over the adjust him, then shouting at Ben to get him to look at the camera. It must have been a funny sight. 🙂 But we managed to get a few good pictures, and this was one of them. It’s durn expensive to get pictures with the holiday mascot of your choice at the mall, but I figured once couldn’t hurt. Next year…look out santa!

I think it’s worth pointing out as I write this that Ben has been put down for his nap, but instead of sleeping he is babbling to me through the monitor. I don’t know if he gets the concept of a monitor, but he knows I can hear him, and he apparently doesn’t want to nap. *sigh*.

Ta ta for now…..


2 Responses to “spring fling”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Ben’s pic

    Don’t know which is cuter? …ok I do really !!! Ben wins every time .. Love ya ,trish xxxooo

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Nice pic!!

    That’s a great pic, Scott and I were talking about Easter bunny pics at work today. Glad Ben enjoyed it so much.

    Jake Larson

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