Today, for your enjoyment, I present a lesson in How to Take Ben to the Park

1. While Ben is napping, get stroller from trunk of car, set it up
2. Find the blankets we roll and place behind him to keep him upright, place in stroller
3. Find additional blankets to be used to stuff extra space in the swing I intend to put him in
4. Find camera, keys, waterbottle.
5. Decide I do not want to place these on my person or in the under-basket of stroller
6. Find handlebar bag for bikes, place on stroller, put valuables in bag
7. Brush teeth, put on hat, put on socks, put on shoes
8. Find Ben’s hat
9. Wake Ben up from nap, change him, dress him, put him in T-shirt, Jeans and flannel (he may get cold…don’t they say to put one more layer on than an adult would wear?)
10. Put Ben’s hat on, soothe him (he doesn’t like the hat)
11. Go on a Bat hunt (ie: take care of Ben’s stuffy nose, he has bats in his cave and cannot breathe)
12. get ipod, to listen to podcasts while walking
13. Tear house apart looking for headphones
14. Leave house, with Ben, ipod, headphones, put Ben in stroller
15. Five minutes of adjusting
16. Underway.
16a. Adjust Ben
17. stop three minutes into walk to remove the flannel shirt
17a. Adjust Ben
18. Walk to park, see swings are not up, walk around park and head home
19. Stop at frog pond, take pictures, adjust Ben
20. Decide walk has not been long enough, continue around neighborhood. Adjust Ben
21. Stop fifty seven more times to adjust Ben. His hat keeps going down around his eyes, and he hates that. I adjust it, he wags his head until it is over his eyes again, then yells. This is a game now.
22. Arrive home, 45 minutes later
23. Get Ben a glass of water, try and convince him that he doesn’t need to drink it all at once.

For all the bite of this post, the walk was actually very nice. And now that it’s raining, I’m glad we went early!!!

Some pictures,

Ben on his fantastic voyage

Ben at the frogpond

And when we get home
Ben likes a nice drink when we get home.



6 Responses to “Instructional”

  1. purlewe Says:

    OUTSIDE!! oh I love outside. I want to be outside too…

    Glad you got out there before the rain.

    I wish I could be there too…..

  2. rhiann31 Says:

    Cute bib!

  3. twoscoopsmsu Says:

    Doesn’t everyone like a nice drink when they get home?

    Cute pictures:):)

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Hats are not fun

    That walk looks like fun. Luke hates hats too, especially when they cover his eyes up. Hope everything is going well, all the best from Jake, Amber, and Luke Larson.

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