Ben’s Easter

Well, there is lots to tell, and many, many pictures of it all. There are LOTS of pictures after the cut (the link you click on below), be warned.

Ben had a great easter, he got a basket from his Nana (mom and dad took the opportunity to get out of one more year of holiday madness…after this we really can’t escape it, but Ben is still kind of young). We enjoyed Brunch. The highlight of the easter weekend was gong to see the lambs on Monday. A close family friend has sheep (among other animals), and there are oodles of Lambs this time of year; my mom and I took Ben on monday. Ben was really unsure what to do with all the noise and unfamiliarity, but he liked it when a lamb was brought to him so he could pet it and let it nibble and suck his fingers.

I think that Ben is going through another growth spurt, because he is eating more than he ever has before. This is good, because he’s eating, but he may also be having some growing pains, he’s been a little fussbudgety this week. I had a friend tell me today how spoiled I am. We were at Lunch and Ben was fussing…fussing for Ben is a little whine repeated a few times, with a pleading look at me for whatever he wants. She remarked, as many people have, that is that is fussy, then I am a lucky lucky person. I know, believe me, I know.

We are spending this week trying to get some things done around the house, Ben and I. I want to have things a little more organized and cleaned (I shudder to say spring cleaning) so that when the warm weather hits we can be outside. Since it’s spring break, Ben has no Therapy this week, and I’m not tutoring and have no Band. Scott and I have started our seedlings, and they are coming up like crazy. I’m happy to see that the seeds I saved from our heirloom tomato that we bought last year all came up. We got ONE tomato off of it (none of our tomato plants did well last year), and I wasn’t sure if I saved the seeds correctly or not. I hope that these produce, because the tomato we got last year was GREAT. We also have Basil (standard), fennel, marigolds, butterfly weed, brussel sprouts, and some other things I’m forgetting, I’m sure. We will get pepper plants and a few more tomatoes from my mom and Scott’s dad, hopefully. We are also planning to take Ben to Eastern Market some time..we need a visit to the spice shop and we need to get some flowers. This freeze has been hard on the things that came up, but they’ll survive. Maybe we’ll just have smaller plants this year.

In addition to this, Scott and I are finally getting around to doing some organizing around our desk area. Our computer desk is in our family room, which I love because we spend most of our time there, and can each do our own thing…but it’s constantly cluttered, which I hate. We bought an organization cabinet at Ikea this weekend, and Scott and Ben put it together. Pictures of this later in the week. Ben loves power tools. šŸ™‚

Lambs like fingers
Ben’s fingers get tasted

Woah!  What was that!
And Ben reacts

I'm not sure about this mom

The black Ewe
Ben and Grandma check out the scene

Lamb and mommy

Ben's Easter Present
Ben and his Big Nana are checking out his easter present: a duck that quacks


8 Responses to “Ben’s Easter”

  1. twoscoopsmsu Says:

    ahh! Its so cute I can’t take it!

    Cute cute cute!

  2. purlewe Says:

    The high pitched squeeing was heard by dogs in a 2 mile radius from my work. THANKS!!! I love the new pics.

  3. purlewe Says:

    I am so entertanied I just went to all of your flikr pics. Thanks. Made my day.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Cutie Pie!!!

    The Ben close-up is PRICELESS!!! Definitely something worth enlarging and hanging on the wall!

    Love you all oodles,


  5. Anonymous Says:

    Kimmy had a little lamb…

    The picture of Ben and the lamb, cuter than cute. As I looked at it, something occurred to me, Ben’s coat could be a little on the lamb side. I feel that the lambs liked him because they thought he was one of them.

    Have I mentioned lately that he’s just the cutest?


  6. knothie01 Says:

    Could you possibly email me the number of that photographer? Thanks for your help,

    Your Easter pictures are awesome, I wish my Easter was that eventful! šŸ™‚

  7. Anonymous Says:


    Hello Kim,
    I read your article in the PCDS newsletter and came to visit your website. Your father or father-in-law?, has been helping my 7 year old son with Down syndrome in his elementary school. The journal entries here have been reminding of when Danny, my son, was younger and all the things that used to worry me. Danny had heart surgery at 4 months old and has been luckier than most who have his same heart defect. Time passes and the worries change, but the last 7 years have been priceless. It’s wonderful to hear about how your “living” with Ben. (I wanted that name for Danny but it got vetoed by my husband.) Danny is first my son, a brother, a second grader, a soccer player, an avid football fan and much else, as well as a person with Down syndrome. Good luck and I will be keeping your family in my prayers.

    Laurie Leonard, Danny’s mom

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