Things to get better at: blogging. I think of things on a daily basis I want to record…write down….random thoughts that run through my mind, and here I am with a week and a half since my last entry. I like the idea of blogging…I like typing instead of writing, because my mind moves too fast and I write too slow.

Spent the day getting errands done (Costco, wedding present for a friend) then to dinner with extended fam for birthdays. Do you know that Costco opens at 9:30 on a saturday, and by 9:15 (I’m guessing, since we were there at 9:20) there are already people waiting in the parking lot and lined up at the door? Dude, it’s Costco. There’s plenty to go around. If what you want is gone, just go find someone with a forklift to get another pallet down for you.

I am in the process (in process sounds better than “have only just started”) of going through my school stuff again. Last year when I moved out of my classroom I really just threw stuff in Boxes. It’s labeled, but it’s in Boxes. I need to get rid of some of this crap, because storing it is killing me. I hate storing things. It’s such a waste. I need to decide what to keep and what to throw out. Chances are I will not be going back to work until Ben is in Kindegarten, so that’s five years. I don’t know, I need to be careful in these kinds of moods, because I am liable to pitch everything out.


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