medication boy

This week has flown by, and mostly because it has been one thing after another going on.
Monday after Therapy, Ben and I returned home and I put him on the floor for a minute so I could take my coat off. He started spitting up, and there was some bloody mucous in it. After a frantic call to the pediatrician, we were on our way over. The doctor looked Ben all over and said that his tonsils are irritated, and that is where the blood is coming from. She did a throat culture to rule out strep, and said if it isn’t strep (we found out tuesday it’s not) that it’s probably just a virus, and there is nothing to do but wait it out. She also gave me some cream for his diaper issue. The thing is, Ben has been fine…he is off his food (if his throat is sore, this makes sense), but he’s drinking and playing and singing and doing all his Ben things, so I’m not sure. He did sleep a bit more on tuesday…but some of that was during a walk we took, and he always falls asleep in the stroller. Poor guy is medicated within an inch of his life, though, with a new cream for his face (which is FINALLY starting to clear up), cream for his unmentionables, and his normal lasix.

Yesterday we had the first of two interviews required for us to see if Ben qualifies for any state services or aide. We saw the nice people at MORC (the Macomb/Oakland Regional Center), which provides a host of services for Disabled people. There are a couple of programs that Ben qualifies for, and we are hoping to get some funds to help offset the cost of getting him private Physical Therapy this summer. Last summer we didn’t do this, but this year I think he needs it. Next week we have an interview with Social Security to see if he qualifies for Social Security Disabilty…he may not because he is so young, and our financial picture is pretty positive. We’ll see how that goes too.

Ben and I took a long walk with some friends in the neighborhood on Tuesday, and today is supposed to be nice too, so I”m hoping for a repeat this afternoon. Sunshine is good.

3 Responses to “medication boy”

  1. purlewe Says:

    I just spoke to the HR director about my own health care quesstions. She told me about Medicaid and SSDI.. And she said that her brother (disabled since birth) receives medicaid since birth.. no matter what the amount her parents have to support him. She also talked about SSDI and all of that so I think that you might be surprised by what you might receive.

    sending good hugs, warm thoughts and lots of good health to benster.

    • coffeemomma Says:

      I have been getting so many messages from so many places about all of this, I guess we will just have to wait and see. There is a healthcare program (Children’s Special Healthcare) here in Michigan that would help out, but we would have to pay in more than we would recieve in benefit right now. I guess we’ll find out more on Tuesday. 🙂

  2. purlewe Says:

    BTW.. been thinking about you today. how is ben? how is the rash/unmentionables? I was thinking about good ole vaseline. I don’t know if it would work.. or make things worse. I KNOW YOU.. and that you’ll get it done, but I wanted you to know that was on the back of my mind.

    PS.. did you read about me getting WORMS?? maybe when Ben gets bigger we can all get togehter and he can play with my worms.

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