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Is this why they make TV?

April 4, 2007

Fearfully, I must tell you that I think Ben is approaching the time when he will only take one nap a day. I think I will have to start playing with this soon. He usually goes down for a morning nap around nine-thirty, some days he will skip it and be okay. Then he naps in the afternoon, going down any time between one and two. I put him down yesterday and he talked for fourty five minutes before falling asleep. I hate to get him up when he does this, thinking that any time he has as down time will be a benefit. He still takes a two and a half to three hour nap in the afternoon…but it is taking him longer to fall asleep for naps now. Maybe it’s time.
I was enjoying the days of plopping Ben in the carseat to go out, and taking walks in the sunshine. Now it’s cold again (hopefully the last hurrah) and we’ll have to go to the grocery store in his coat and hat today.
This weekend is easter brunch with Big Nana. No sailor suit this year, but there will be pictures…Ben got a very cute outfit for christmas that he will wear. No really….it’s that cute.


In which I write a lot about knitting

April 2, 2007