The story…some of it….

So here is what is going on….

Since Ben’s vomiting blood episode two weeks ago, he has not been himself, which is why we haven’t posted much. Last week he developed a cough, but it was small, he didn’t sound congested, and even though he was irritable, we thought he was okay. He didn’t sleep through the night at all last week. Sunday night the cough sounded worse, so on Monday morning I called the Pediatrician. We got an appointment at 2:15, and by the time I had wrestled with Ben all day (he obviously did not feel good) and got him there, he was lethargic, and he was bluish. They put a pulse-ox monitor on him, which measures the saturation of Oxygen in his blood, and it was at 47% (normal for Ben is around 80%, normal for us is high nineties to 100%). They gave him a breathing treatment and put him on Oxygen, then Ben and I got in the back of a car (a resident that was at the office that day drove us) to Huron Valley Sinai hospital. (Dear Mr. Policeman reading this: Please ignore that last sentence and assume that nothing illegal was done).
At the hospital they prepared him for transport to Childrens. His Pediatrician had called ahead to Ben’s Cardiologist so that they were aware he was coming in, and we went by ambulance to Children’s. I kept calling Scott and giving him updates every time we moved. We drove 80 during rush hour, sometimes on the side of the road, lights and sirens blazing, to get to the hospital.
After four hours in the ER (it really wasn’t as bad as it sounds…no, really, it wasn’t!) we got a room, and that’s where we’ve been ever since. Ben was much better today, although he is still on Oxygen, he is receiving breathing treatments via nebulizer much less frequently and his chest sounds better, so some of the congestion is breaking up. The doctor said this morning that MAYBE we can go home tomorrow, but we are all waiting to see…we obviously dont’ want to come home too soon.
Scott and I are home for a few hours to eat and to get some sleep, real sleep (neither of us has slept more than four hours at a stretch since monday, and for me that extends to sunday). My mom and dad are at Children’s with Ben. Since he refuses to wear an oxygen mask, we have to hold a tube over his face. Nasal prongs are RIGHT OUT. We tried that and it was disaster. Oh my, was it a disaster. Scott and I will head back to the hospital at four or five tomorrow morning and take back over.
We’ll let you know more when we do.

3 Responses to “The story…some of it….”

  1. zoobily_zoo Says:

    If you guys need anything at all let me know. We will be a St. John’s tomorrow…sort of in the neighborhood. But even if it isn’t tomorrow, I know from when Tristan was in that sometimes it’s nice for someone to just bring you a meal that isn’t from the cafeteria. I’ll be praying for you all and I hope that he will be coming home soon.

  2. marestellarum Says:

    I hope Ben gets well soon. *wishes of warmth and healing for Ben*

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Get well soon

    We are very sorry to hear about Ben’s recent troubles. We wish him nothing but the best and our prayers are with him and both of you.

    Jake, Amber, and Luke Larson

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