Busy Spring!

Hi everyone,

It has really been a busy spring, we haven’t had time to post to the journal in a long time, it seems like forever. Ben has been up to his old tricks (new tricks), that is he’s growing by leaps and bounds, and has picked up a few new tricks. Most noteably, he is starting to show interest in feeding himself a few things. He hasn’t quite gotten the hang of small objects, like veggie puffs and cheerios, although he loves them he has trouble getting them in his mouth. We’re working on the pincher grasp. BUT, Ben LOVES graham crackers, and he is all about eating them all by himself. He is really quite proud of himself when he can eat his own cookies. Pictures are below. Man are those things messy.

This weekend we went birding at Point Pelee in Canada. It’s an annual event in Scott’s family, and now in ours. Last year was the first year since we’ve been married that Scott and I didn’t go, and we missed it. Two days of walking in the woods, looking at birds and nature, fun with the family. A nice way to spend mother’s day. Ben had a great time and was really very very good. He’s turned into quite a good little traveler! We didn’t see a whole lot of birds, but it was beautiful weather. There are some who would argue that good weather pretty much means you won’t see a lot of birds, and from the looks of it this weekend, that’s true.

Both of Ben’s grandma’s got DVD’s of Ben for Mother’s day. They had the slideshow from Ben’s first birthday, as well as many video clips from the video camera. Yes, you may all be appropriately jealous. So, if you want to see the DVD, hunt yourself down a grandmother and ask her. 🙂

There are a few pictures

see food

Look at my cookie, mom


Ben loves it when Scott makes him fly…you can see he kicks his feet out and giggles.

A snack to keep up the birdwatching mojo. Sidenote: I pointed the camera at Ben and he gave me this smile. I think he’s getting too used to having his picture taken.

Ben loves to birdwatch!
Ben at lunch on Saturday.


4 Responses to “Busy Spring!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    At Last!!

    Forgive me, but I was getting worried. Last I knew he had just come home from the hospital. You’ll give all Ben’s supporters heart failure, dearie. 🙂 Delighted to find out it’s just that you’re busy. Ben looks great, especially slathered with graham cracker goo! Happy spring!

  2. purlewe Says:

    he’s so damn cute!

    give him kisses and a cracker or two from me.

    did you get a pic of him and cathie?

  3. hunterholstein Says:

    My nephew is so beautiful, and such a ham. Just like his Auntie Melon. Special note: Keebler graham crackers are the best 🙂

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