Ben, you’re supposed to be napping

The other day when Ben was supposed to be napping, I took these. You can see that he indeed was not napping, and was quite happy about it.

Mom, do you see me?

Oh you DO see me. 🙂 Hi!

Aren’t I cute?

No really, HI!

Yeah, I know I”m cute


5 Responses to “Ben, you’re supposed to be napping”

  1. rhiann31 Says:

    Haha! What a little ham!!! I love the last two, especially. Too cute!

    His skin has cleared up quite nicely and I’m glad that you(all) are doing a bit better. Baby steps, right?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    What a joy!

    Kym, those are wonderful photos! The best ones I’ve ever seen of Ben. I plan to share them with others I know who have been praying for him since his birth. Many blessings to him, to you, and to Scott!


  3. twoscoopsmsu Says:


  4. Anonymous Says:


    I love you! -Avery
    He looks a lot like Scott when he was little! Jody

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