Makes me melt

One of the sweet things I get to see all the time because I stay home: Ben’s friend Naeem comes over to play, and I’m sitting behind Ben helping him sit up. It’s a good time to do this, because Ben is more interested in working hard to sit when Naeem is here.
Naeem will get toys and bring them to Ben until he finds one that Ben wants to play with, one that Ben will grab for, then he will give that toy to Ben and go get another one, sit down and play with Ben.
Or, Naeem once was sucking his thumb and Ben was watching with Big Eyes (capitalized on purpose). Naeem took his thumb out and offered it to Ben, who grabbed it with two hands and put it in his own mouth. No matter how much we fight the germ battle things like this will still happen, but it was so CUTE. Those two will share anything. 🙂
It makes my heart swoon.



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