Seeing and Doing

Things have been busy here at Casa De Randall, and this week will be no exception. First I would like to let you know that Ben is feeling and doing MUCH better since his doctor put him on medicine for Reflux. He is still throwing up occasionally, but the key word there is occasionally. And it is much less throwing than spitting….he hasn’t lost an entire meal in a long time, which is nothing but good. The best news of all is that his appetite is back to what passes for normal, and he’s not as picky about what he eats. I’m so glad that this is on it’s way to being sorted out, and that he’s feeling better. Ben has been REALLY sleepy this week…I’m not sure if he is catching up from the weekend (maybe we just tuckered him out) or if he’s just tired in general, but he’s been taking longer naps than normal…and his normal naps are pretty long.

We went to Mackinac Island for the weekend, and had a ball. Ben traveled really really well and had a fantastic time. Every year my family goes to Mackinac with a big group of people (the evolution of this group is more than I need to go into here, but they are hilarious and fun, so that’s all we need to know). We all stay on the island and do lots of biking, eating, laughing,’s fantastic. Scott, Ben and I didn’t go last year since Ben was so small, and we already had a few longer trips planned. You can see pictures of this weekend below…Ben was his normal charming self. Well, charming to everyone and at every time EXCEPT at Five thirty AM when he got Scott and I up for playing and merriment. We were less than merry. Our room at the B&B was pretty bright, so Ben was up with the sun every day. Ahh well. There are worse things than waking up to his smiling, waving self in the morning, early or not.

Tomorrow is a fourth of July party at the home of our favorite new US Citizen (just for the sake of keeping the peace, I will state that he is the son of our other two favorite new US Citizens, one of whom I know reads this blog). This promises to be a blast. Then this weekend is Scott’s family reunion at the farm. We are taking Ben tenting for the first time, wish us luck!!!!

Want to see some

Ben got the full treatment at the B&B, including his own little bed with clean towels, soap, a blanket, and a mint. Too cute.

We have a series of pictures from a late night downtown. The are some great pictures of Ben. I love how mischievous his eyes are here.

I know Kung Fu
“I know Kung Fu”

Butterfly house 4
Some other things we did: we took Ben to the Butterfly House, which is a big greenhouse with lots of flowers and hundreds of butterflies and moths in it. Ben enjoyed it, but was pretty laid back about the whole thing. He liked the bright flowers, I don’t think he really got the whole butterfly thing…we thought the motion would be exciting for him, but apparently not.

High Wheelers
There was a gathering of people riding these high-wheel bikes on the island when we were there…which was pretty cool. I liked the image of them all lined up on Main Street.


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