In Which We Take Ben Camping

Scott and I love to camp. We love to be outdoors, we like to sleep in tents. The smell of campfire makes us woozy with delight. We talk often of how it will be when we take our kids camping. I actually had an argument with someone once about whether or not you could take kids backpacking. We cannot wait to take our kids camping. So it was with much fanfare and pomp (in our tiny brains, anyway) that we bought our first “family size tent” and took Ben to sleep in it for the first time.

Why family size? Because the tent we own is for backpacking, and it’s a two person…meaning it actually sleeps a person and a half. And even though Ben is half a person, it still leaves Scott out with the mosquitoes. So we bought this four person thing, it’s HUGE…like it’s a condo compared to the other tent. We arranged everything…two foam pads on the floor on top of each other, covered by an opened sleeping bag (one of the flannel lined ones that Ben would sleep on without bursting into flame). We then set up two air mattresses, one on either side, on top of the sleeping bag, so that we had a “Ben Gutter” down the middle. Sleeping on air mattresses was really quite luxurious of us, but it was comfy.

Ben did GREAT! He slept all night (except for when he woke up with a diaper emergency at four am, but really, wouldn’t you?). The problem is that Ben talks in his sleep. We didn’t know this, since he usually sleeps in his own room, and so Scott and I had trouble falling asleep.

In the morning, Ben would look from side to side. If I could read his mind, I’m sure this is what I would have heard: “Hey, mom’s there! And Dad’s over there! This is GREAT!!! You guys are never here in the morning. Okay, what are going to do now…did you know I can roll….this mattress makes a cool sound when I tap it….boy this is fun….hi mom,….dad, take my picture….” Just hilarious how happy that boy is in the morning.

The rest of the family reunion was fun too. 🙂 Ben also went swimming in the lake, but he slept through the games. You can’t have everything in this life. 🙂

Pictures are


Ben has learned to purse his lips, and also to make fish lips. We call this his “Zoolander” face.

I like cake!

Eating Cake for Dad’s Birthday

Sunday Morning

Morning Dad!!! Are you taking a picture? Can I put my hand in the picture?



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  1. Anonymous Says:


    we have the REI baby aluminum frame “backpack” which you will inherit in about a year…so don’t go out and get another! It is great for hikes with the kids. J

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