growing and changing

We’re having one of those periods with Ben where everything is growing and changing. The past month on the Pediasure (which he no longer is drinking, per agreement with his pediatrician) and now on the meds for his reflux have made a huge difference in Ben’s attitude and appetite. He is eating normally again, which is a huge relief. The only thing that Scott and I have noticed is that Ben is sleeping more…on average an hour more a day. I’m not sure if this is because of his heart, or his increased activity (because he is much busier than he used to be). It is most likely a combination of both. The good thing is that even though his naps are long, he is very very interested and involved in what is going on around him when he is awake. Interested and active. Ben is now doing multiple rolls at a time, scooting around on the floor (not creeping, just rolling and wiggling around), grabbing at anything within reach, and generally interacting with his world in a way that is a joy to watch. When Scott and I get close to him he reaches out to us with a big smile and wants to explore the features on our faces with his hands. He loves noses especially.

Therapy is going SO well!!! Two hours a week are making Ben a very active boy, and his progress is amazing. He can now sit on the floor, supporting himself on a small table in front of him for about thirty seconds. He is so much stronger. If there is no table, all he needs for support is a hand at the base of his spine. I really think he will be sitting independently soon. He is so strong. Ben also spends a lot more time on his tummy, lifted up on his elbows and watching the world. He also likes to flap his feet from this position like a small seal. It’s hilarious.

One thing that we have to start working on all over again is self-feeding. When Ben went through the stage of not eating, he didn’t eat anything…not even his graham crackers. Unfortunately, we are back at square one with self feeding…he isn’t interested in it again…so we’re trying lots of different foods to find one that he likes that will encourage him to pick it up and feed himself. He will still bring something to his mouth, but he isn’t interested in eating it. Maybe he is waiting for teeth, who knows. There is an amusing picture of Ben with a cheeze it cracker if you click on the link.

My sister Karen spent a few hours with Ben yesterday so Scott and I could go out and see Harry Potter. We put Ben down for a nap before we left, and apparently when Karen woke him up he was unhappy. It seems that he was confused because mom and dad weren’t there. She said that he did well the rest of the afternoon, despite not wanting to eat dinner for her; but when Scott and I walked in the door, Ben had a total melt-down and started crying. Seeing mom and dad was too much…and he wanted to convince us that his time with Aunt Karen was the WORST.THING.EVER. It was funny and heart breaking all at the same time. Both Ben and Karen made it through the experience with minimal scarring, but I think it might be awhile before she agrees to babysit for us again.

some Pictures

Scary face
The Cheeze-it serial killer

Party Animals
Ben and Aunt Karen at a birthday party yesterday, in happier times, when mom and dad were around.

Dont' leave me
Karen snapped this picture of a very unhappy boy missing his mommy.


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2 Responses to “growing and changing”

  1. purlewe Says:

    don’t mess with me.. or the cheez it gets it!

  2. twoscoopsmsu Says:

    priceless. don’t worry, little man isn’t taking me down. i’ll be back to babysit again!

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