Buddy Walk Mania!!

It’s that time again!!!

Once again this year we will be walking in the Buddy Walk to help raise funds and awareness for Down Syndrome. Some of you will recognize the language in this entry because I just sent an Email to you that looks remarkably similar. The website for fund raising for the walk gives us a “form letter” to recruit funds, but instead, I’m going to just let you know why we walk in the Buddy Walk and why your donations are important (and they are important!)

This will be the third annual Buddy Walk for our parent support group: Parents of Children with Down Syndrome (or PCDS). Last year at this time we, the Randalls, came to you with the same request for support, and boy were we overwhelmed! People we didn’t even know helped us out; we aimed to raise $500.00, but instead our team raised over $2,500.00!!! We hope to match or surpass that total this year. Why is this money important? The more time goes by, the more answers we get to that question. The support we receive is amazing, but the information is priceless. PCDS sponsors educational workshops and brings in speakers to their monthly educational meetings. This summer we got help and support learning to navigate the process of getting private therapy for Ben. In the spring I was able to attend a conference on Down Syndrome sponsored by PCDS. They brought in a national speaker, in addition to several local and state resources. Every day we know we aren’t alone and the answers to our questions can be found in the friends we’ve met.

Maybe right now isn’t the best time for you to donate to our walk. If that is the case, maybe you would consider walking with us instead. In 2006 our team numbered close to thirty people, and it’s possible we could do that again. Maybe what’s right for you is to both donate and come join us on the 29th of September. Either way, your support is appreciated.

If you would like to donate to our team, you can do so online. The website is easy and it is secure. The address is: http://buddywalk.kintera.org/pcds/randallfam . For those of you who registered last year, the site is much easier to navigate this time around. If you register to walk, you can donate to our team page, or you can create your own personal page as part of our team. The money you raise will all go to PCDS, and will count toward our team goal of $2, 000.00. If you know someone who knows about Ben, invite them to come and walk with us. We’ve Emailed a lot of people, mostly because we aren’t sure who still reads this website…so spread the word!!! Our steps add up, and the walk adds up to enormous support to the Down Syndrome community.

I hope we see you on September 29, and I hope you consider donating to our team for the walk. Thanks for everything, but mostly for all of your support and prayers for Ben’s continued health and success.

The Randalls: Scott, Kym and Ben



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