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August 31, 2007

Overheard today on my phone
My sister: I have a dillema. Do you want bad news or good news?
me: bad news
sister: I can’t go to the buddy walk
me: okaaaay….
sister: V and C bought me a ticket to go to NYC that weekend.
me: so change the date
sister: well, it will cost more money…what should I do?
me: I can’t make that decision
sister: but what do I do?
me: well, I’ll be dissapointed if you miss it, but it’s not like I”ll disown you
sister: but what do I do?

Gist of conversation: sister wants me to tell her it is okay to miss the buddy walk to go to NYC and get drunk and party with friends. I WILL be dissapointed if she doesn’t come to the walk, but I can’t tell her not to go to NYC because I AM NOT LIVING HER LIFE. Grrrrrrrrr.


August 26, 2007

August 21, 2007

I decided not to be so hard on myself for not posting and just take a little time off the grid…go with the flow. I even stopped answering and checking email frequently. Good thing, since I had a cold all last week and spent my time miserable and snotty.
For today, however, here are the latest FOs:
new socks
Generic socks. This is Wendy Johnson’s generic toe up sock pattern (I’m not sure what site I got it from, but it’s probably on her website somewhere…). I have decided that toe-up socks are the way to go…they go so fast! The yarn is interlacements tiny toes. Taking this picture on my coffee table does not do the yarn justice, it’s a very fun rainbow crazy sock extravaganza. Big fun. Also, check this out:
Short Row Heel
My first attempt at short row heels. So easy. So fast. Love love love.
So I’m in the middle of sock-extravaganza right now. I have two pairs on the needles that are just plain old socks that I”m making out of some nice yarn for christmas gifts. I also have a patterned pair that are on hold…I swear it will be a miracle if they ever get done. I bought some beautiful yarn at my favorite knitting store for my birthday this spring. I adore the yarn, and I’ve been looking for the perfect project…so I decided on a pair of monkey socks (after about ten different patterns were swatched, ripped, tried, ripped, swatched, ripped, tried on larger needles…you get it. The life of an OCD knitter). But I had to go up slightly in needle size…I’m making them on US 2 size needles, because I have a large instep to my foot, so the pattern as knitted wouldn’t fit over my heel/instep when trying on. So anyway. My US2 needles are just not pointy enough for this pattern to go smoothly. It works, but not in a way that is good for me. So I am going to get some different needles (I have become fond of chiagoo needles, so probably those) and keep on going.
I also finished these recently:
Fetching from Knitty. Mountain colors yarn. My first cables…they went well, even though the picture shows them for crap. These will be another christmas gift. 🙂
So it looks like I have been doing a lot of knitting, but I’m just plugging along at things. I am trying to get a jumpstart on christmas stuff…knitting and non-knitting gifts alike, since I will NOT want to shop when I am a.) a million months pregnant or b.) home with a newborn.

August 21, 2007

Almost two weeks since our last post. Ben and I have been living off the grid, so to speak, since life has been crazy. There are some pictures of our trip to Ludington at the bottom of this post. Such a great time. Ben was fantastic on the ride there and back…although on the way back we did have to stop and change his clothes once….he got sooo hot and sweaty in his carseat it made him really fussy. A quick change and life was good again. Ben really liked the cabin, and this year he even liked swimming! Loyal readers will remember that last year Ben did not enjoy the lake so much…..didn’t want to be in the water at all. His attitude this year is so much different. We tried putting him in the water with a lifejacket on, and that was NOT going well. I think he didn’t like the sensation of floating and being unsupported. So then we tried a floating sling-type chair (which you will see in the pictures) and he LOVED it. Splashing is very big in Ben’s life right now. A good time was had by all.

Last week I spent fighting off a cold, which I eventually got anyway…then Ben got it. It’s just a head cold, so not to bad. Mostly just makes you tired and snotty. I think he is just about over it, so that is good. He had a harder time at therapy yesterday because he was a little tired, so we took it easy.

Ben is getting all kinds of new skills..he is really into playing peek-a-boo right now by throwing his arms over his eyes until we ask where he went. Then he throws them down, bangs his hands on whatever surface he is nearest and looks all proud. He has also learned to throw his arms up to play “so big”, which is so cute. 🙂

The buddy walk donations are going very very well. Thank you so much to everyone who has already donated. We are about a quarter of the way to our goal of $2,000… and there is a little over a month left until the walk. I know the site is kind of confusing to some people….if you need help or have questions, feel free to leave a comment or email us and I”ll help you out. We also have six walkers signed up, and we’re waiting on more, so don’t be shy, come and walk with us! Ben needs all the budddies he can get! All the information is at the following web address:

Till next time, here’s the latest batch of pictures

The heat is on

August 14, 2007

I’m not lazy, it’s just hot

August 8, 2007

It’s not that there is nothing to tell…we’ve been terribly busy. It’s just that this heat and humidity are sapping the very life out of me, and sitting in front of the computer is nowhere near as interesting as, say, immersing myself in a giant block of ice for the afternoon. But lots is happening. This weekend we are taking Ben to Ludington for a little time at a friend’s cabin, so this will be a short update…

The main going-on is that we went to the cardiologist last friday. It was really kind of unexpected…about two weeks ago I contacted Ben’s cardiologist because my doctor wanted the baby (the new baby, not Ben) to get a fetal echocardiogram (heart ultrasound). I wanted to take Ben in early for his heart checkup and get the baby’s echo all on the same day, which we were very lucky to be able to do. No earth-shattering news, Ben’s heart is much the same, so no change is always good news. He is doing well. It does appear as if his oxygen saturation (the amount of oxygen in his blood) is a little lower than what we were seeing last year, but since it is checked so seldomly, it’s not really a good representation or accurate picture. Ben used to average a saturation in the low to mid eighties, last friday he was in the low seventies. The thing about it is that Ben is doing well, his color is consistent and good, and his recovery when excersizing and being active is also good, so the oxygen number is really not as relevant to us as long as he is doing well outwardly.

The baby’s heart is fine, the only reason the test was ordered was because of our history with Ben…not because there was any concern. As a matter of fact, Ben’s new Brother or Sister is really doing very very well…moving growing, all is really fine.

The heat and humidity have been hard on both Ben and I the past couple of weeks. It’s making me sluggish and lazy and I also have a cold I can’t kick. Ben is fine as long as we are in air, but when outside he is sweaty and cranky. We’ve been doing lots of playing inside.

Some pictures to tide you over until the real update next week are here